For the 3D Universe counterpart, see San Fierro (3D Universe).

San Fierro is one of the fictional locations featured in the Grand Theft Auto series. So far, it has only had one rendition, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. San Fierro is in the state of San Andreas.

The city also exists in the HD Universe, which started afresh in the current canon. It has been mentioned many times in Grand Theft Auto IV, its episodes and Grand Theft Auto V, though it does not appear in GTA V's rendition of San Andreas.

The city of San Fierro is based on San Francisco. Presumably, the HD equivalent of San Fierro likely includes areas such as Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo and San Jose, which are all part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • The Angels of Death were founded in San Fierro. During gang wars between The Lost MC and the Angels of Death, Johnny will sometimes yell, "Go back to San Fierro!"
  • Many characters, such as Lester Arnold, were born in San Fierro.

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