"With panoramic views of Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, the Alamo Sea and an animal-testing laboratory, the peal of the San Chianski Mountains is the perfect place to marvel at nature, and how badly man can screw it up."
GTA V digital manual

The San Chianski Mountain Range is a mountain range on the eastern coast of San Andreas. It is bordered by the Grand Senora Desert to the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the east. The mountain range may be based on the real-life San Jacinto Mountains located in California


The San Chianski Mountain Range is one of the longest mountain ranges in the state, stretching from Mount Gordo to the Ron Alternates Wind Farm. There are barely any roads or civilisation located in the mountain range, meaning that players can possibly become stranded if they lose their vehicle in the mountains.

The Humane Labs and Research facility is located in the Chianski Passage on this mountain range. If the player enters the laboratory, they will get an automatic 4-star wanted level and will have to escape quickly as police stop their vehicles outside and try to kill the player on foot, or if the player is in a vehicle, arrest them. However, in GTA Online, it is unrestricted. The Davis Quartz quarry can also be found at the southern end of the mountain range. Cape Catfish is seen towards the north, hidden deep inside a clearing behind the mountains.



  • At the very top of the northernmost peak is a grave with a cross. It's unknown who is buried there.
  • There appears to be a Easter Egg in which a hatch can be seen over the coast near the San Chianski Mountain Range, which serves a reference to the famous TV series, Lost.
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