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The San Andreas State Patrol[1] or just Rural Police is a branch of the San Andreas Police Department servicing the rural areas of the San Andreas.


The San Andreas State Patrol has jurisdiction over the countryside and desert areas of the State of San Andreas, the state patrol officers may be seen walking in populated rural areas or driving in their police cars. Rarely, a state patrol officer may be also seen driving a Predator in rural waters.


SASP officers wear a dark brown shirt, light khaki pants with black stripe, black shoes, a cowboy hat and a golden seven-pointed-star badge. The patch worn by SASP officers appears to be a recolored version of those worn by San Fierro Police officers.



The Ranger is the main vehicle of the SASP. It is a modified Rancher equipped with a new paint job, a light bar and very good off-road handling and speed. This vehicle is primarily used for off-road work so it is typical that it operates in the rural areas. They may also use the Predator in rural rivers and coasts.

And, during the mission Small Town Bank, the SASP officers use HPV-1000 and Enforcer.


Every officer carries a pistol and a nightstick as their main weapons, although they will also use shotguns when the player has a 3-star or more wanted level.

Police stations

There are four stations for the SASP. The SASP station in Dillimore is the only one that can be accessed by the player. Barbara Schternvart is stationed at the El Quebrados station.


Prominent Mission Appearances

Beta Content

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Unused Cop Types

Unused desert deputy

The desert deputy is a unused ped in GTA: San Andreas

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  • There are two unused rural police pedestrians in the game files. The first model is a police officer with a tan shirt, green pants, black shoes, a cowboy hat and a golden seven-pointed-star badge that was meant to patrol the desert areas. The second one is a middle-aged man wearing a grey shirt, grey pants with black stripe and a shield badge.
  • The patches worn by SASP officers is similar to, if not identical, to those worn by members of the SFPD.
  • The SASP officers may be seen driving police cars from the three main cities when the player approaching any of the cities.
  • Some of their quotes seem to indicate that they have bigoted undertones as when they are pursuing Carl, they will say things like "My daddy told me about fellas like you!", "I'm not a racist, boy!", "We got different laws out here for you, boy!" and when pursuing on water, "I thought you couldn't swim!". This is backed by their lax use of the term "boy" when addressing Carl.


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