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Listen to your boy one time, alright - gas prices. You know they going up, right, so we goin' take advantage. I need you to get your ass down the filling station in Little Seoul. Get hold of the tanker they got loading the pumps there. Meantime, your boy LD's gonna find a buyer. Bring it round to my spot. I'll get you some snaps. It's simple, baby.
— Description

San Andreas Seoul is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lamar Davis. It is available for up to 4 players.


Lamar is irritated with the gas prices all over the state. So to get things easier for him, he wants the team to steal a tanker full of gasoline and bring to him. The gas station is in Little Seoul. When the team steals the tank, they will gain a 2-stars wanted level. After losing it, the tanker needs to be delivered to Lamar's depot over Murrieta Heights.

Mission objectives

  • Steal the tanker.
  • Deliver the tanker.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Deliver the tanker to the depot.

Video walkthrough


  • The name of the mission is most likely a reference to the song "California Soul", by Ashford & Simpson. A cover of this song by Marlena Shaw can be heard on the radio station The Lowdown in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • This events of the mission are mentioned by Franklin in the mission Chop when Franklin is going off the various crimes Lamar had committed and references Lamar 'Boosting gas tankers'.