San Andreas Avenue is a major east-west avenue in Grand Theft Auto V located in Los Santos County.


The avenue runs from El Rancho Boulevard/Mirror Park Boulevard, Mirror Park in the east to Bay City Avenue, Vespucci in the west. From east to west, the avenue passes through the areas of Mirror Park, La Mesa, Textile City, Pillbox Hill, Little Seoul, and Vespucci. San Andreas Avenue Bridge is a road bridge crossing the Los Santos River as part of the avenue. The avenue also runs parallel to Vespucci Boulevard, the other avenue within the state that runs through the downtown area and into the city outskirts.

Notable locations on San Andreas Avenue include the Vespucci Police Station and many of the tallest skyscrapers in the city, like the Maze Bank Tower, FIB Headquarters and Union Depository. The avenue is likely based on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, specifically its eastern and central parts.


From east to west, San Andreas Avenue has the following intersections:

Location Type Road Direction Images(s) Notes
Mirror Park Road begin El Rancho Boulevard
La Mesa Road crossing/

Road bridge

Supply Street/Del Perro Freeway On-ramp (for north-bound traffic) and off-ramp (for south-bound traffic) on the Del Perro Freeway. Short span of San Andreas Avenue Bridge.
La Mesa Road crossing Supply Street Beginning of San Andreas Avenue Bridge.
La Mesa Road bridge Popular Street As San Andreas Avenue Bridge, passing over the Los Santos River.
Textile City Road bridge Little Bighorn Avenue As San Andreas Avenue Bridge.
Textile City Road crossing Sinner Street Ending of San Andreas Avenue Bridge. Intersection corners for Digital Den and Wholesale Mart.
Pillbox Hill/Textile City border Road crossing Strawberry Avenue Intersection corners for Robert Dazzler International Jewelry Exchange, Crucial Fix and Legion Square.
Pillbox Hill Road crossing Elgin Avenue Intersection corners for Maison Ricard, FIB Headquarters and Legion Square.
Pillbox Hill Road bridge/

Road crossing

Power Street (upper) / Power Street (lower) Intersection corners for Ground & Pound, FIB Headquarters, Maze Bank Tower and Union Depository.
Pillbox Hill Road crossing Alta Street Intersection corners for Union Depository, Maze Bank Tower, Schlongberg Sachs Center and Arcadius Business Center.
Pillbox Hill Road crossing Peaceful Street Intersection corners for Schlongberg Sachs Center and Slaughter, Slaughter and Slaughter Tower.
Pillbox Hill Road crossing Las Lagunas Boulevard Intersection corners for Arcadius Business Center and Daily Globe International Building.
Pillbox Hill/Little Seoul border Road tunnel La Puerta Freeway Low Clearance Warning: 12' - 6"
Little Seoul Road crossing Ginger Street Intersection corners for 7302 San Andreas Avenue and Betsy O'Neil Pavilion.
Little Seoul Road crossing Calais Avenue
Intersection corners for Snr. Buns and Hit 'n' Run Coffee (Little Seoul Tower complex)
Little Seoul Road crossing Palomino Avenue
Intersection corners for Little Seoul Tower, Betsy O'Neil Pavilion, Lombank Center and Taco Bomb.
Little Seoul Road crossing Ginger Street Intersection corners for Lombank Center, Big Dan Vision Optometry (Kayton Towers), Valdez Theater and Little Seoul Church.
Little Seoul Road crossing Movie Star Way/Decker Street Intersection corners for Bean Machine at Kayton Towers, Wiwang Tower and Decker Park
Vespucci/Little Seoul border Road crossing North Rockford Drive/South Rockford Drive Intersection corners for Celltowa Building and Vespucci Police Station.
Vespucci Road crossing Prosperity Street Promenade/Prosperity Street Intersection corners for Vespucci Police Station (parking lot access), Universal Uniform and Burger Shot.
Vespucci Road end Bay City Avenue Intersection corners Cool Beans, Tree Tops and Crown Jewels apartments, and Vespucci Canals look-over.

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