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Samantha Muldoon is a celebrity in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears in Grand Theft Auto IV and as a country pop star in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

At the very beginning of the game, she is married (her fourth marriage) to Kirk Simplex for a mere twenty minutes. Their marriage ceremony cost $50 million, featured her thirteen foreign children in heritage costumes, and A-Z List magazine paying $15 million for exclusive coverage.

After her failed marriage, Muldoon switched religions three times in one week (from Buddhism to Kabbalah to Epsilon). She has fourteen adopted children from various countries, the most recent is a baby from Sub-Saharan Africa which she returned due to its constant crying; Another child, "Wave", who had grown to be eight years old and was given a faux-hawk, wasn't seen for some time and was probably sent home as well.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Sometime after the events of GTA IV she took up Christianity, a fake Southern accent, right-wing views and transitioned from pop to country music. In 2013, Muldoon attempted suicide by ingesting a bottle of vodka with a fistful of pills, after a recent breakup and struggles in her career (she later tried to pass it off as an accident). A few months after the incident, she appeared on the radio show Bless Your Heart with Bobby June. She tells Bobby June that her adopted children still number at thirteen, who "each have their own room and their own name!". She debuts a song from her new album, I Like Things Just the Way They Are. During the mission Paparazzo, Beverly Felton mentions that there are rumors of Samantha buying an North Korean baby through the black market.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

You know who tried to get in here earlier? Drunk as shit, Samantha Muldoon. I used to work security for her. Mr. Clinton said not to let her in. I gotta tell you, it felt pretty sweet to ask her to leave.
Agency Security Guard to the GTA Online Protagonist.

In 2021, a drunk Samantha Muldoon tried to see Franklin Clinton in his office at the F. Clinton and Partner agency, but likely having been called first by the Agency Security Guard, he refused to see her. Having worked as part of her security in the past, the guard recalled her negatively and was only too happy to turn her away.

LCPD Database Record

A - E
F - J
K - O
P - U
V - Z
Los Santos
2003 - Driving While Intoxicated
2006 - Driving While Intoxicated
- Famous pop singer.

- Engaged to hedge fund mogul, Kirk Simplex.

- Controversy surrounds the "adoption" of her 13 children from developing nations.


Muldoon was mostly based on Angelina Jolie and Madonna, while her child Wave was likely based on Jolie's adopted son, Maddox. Her extravagant wedding was based on Lakshmi Mittal's daughter's wedding, and a strikingly similar supermodel-banker match, Aleksandra and Andrey Melnichenko.


  • Pedestrians using the same model as Samantha in Grand Theft Auto IV can be found around eastern Algonquin.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, she is one of the honored celebrities on the Vinewood Boulevard sidewalk.
  • In the mission Friend Request, one of the headlines that appears during Jay Norris' speech says that Samantha keeps her adopted children in a separated house because they are "too loud".