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Salvatore Leone: "What kind of driving was that? You trying to kill me?"
Toni Cipriani: "Mr. Leone. Boss. I'm sorry. What can I tell ya?"
Salvatore Leone: "Sons of Bitches! They think they can do that to me! I'll tear their fucking hearts out! This doesn't end here! ...for Christ sake Toni - you saved my ass - call me Sal!"
Salvatore Leone after being rescued by Toni Cipriani.

Salvatore's Salvation is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Joseph Daniel O'Toole from Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District of Portland, Liberty City.


Toni drops by Paulie's Revue Bar and finds JD panicking. After rambling for a bit, JD eventually informs Toni that Salvatore was kidnapped by members of the Sindacco Family, who are going to crush him at the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard in Harwood. Toni follows a Sindacco member in a Manana to a location in Chinatown, where two more Sindacco gang members are waiting, with Salvatore in the car trunk of a Kuruma.

Upon arriving, Toni tries to stop the Kuruma from leaving, but the car evades him. He chases after it and roughs it up a bit before the Sindaccos inside get out. Toni kills the Sindaccos and gets in the Kuruma and takes Salvatore home.

Note: if the player cannot stop the Kuruma before it reaches the crusher (due, for example, to riding a motorcycle or just not being able to get close enough to drive-by) a final opportunity to grab the vehicle presents itself at the crusher.

Salvatore, having been freed, vows to tear the Sindaccos apart, while praising Toni for a job well done, ending the mission.


Toni Cipriani goes to meet JD O'Toole in the back of Paulie's Revue Bar, who's panicking.
Toni: JD!
JD: Toni, thank God you're here! I'm sweating like my uncle in a school yard, my mind's going crazy. What are we gonna do?
Toni: About what?
JD: Oh God, I can't believe it, he is gonna cut my balls off. He's gonna put them in a vice! Not necessarily in that order. Oh God! I feel like the day the FBI searched my hard drive! Oh, my heart's racing. Have you got any vallion? Or rohapnin? What about... No, no... See, I got too many of those...
Toni: What's going on?
JD: Oh God, I can't believe this... Why am I to blame?! It's not my fault. But you know Salvatore, he's gonna get the vice squad on my ass. Oh my God, it's gonna be like those statutory rape charges! Have you ever been in prison on statutory rape charges, man? They come in at you at the showers! Oh God, and she was 18! Oh my God! This is gonna be worse!
Toni: Listen, you babbling cock sucker, what in God's name is wrong?!
JD: It's Salvatore. He was kidnapped while leaving the club.
Toni: Well, why didn't you say so instead of making me listen to that crap? Come on.
Toni and JD go to the front of the bar to find Salvatore's kidnapper.
JD: That's one of the guys who took Salvatore!
Salvatore's kidnapper is a Sindacco member driving a blue Manana. Toni decides to follow him until the kidnapper reaches two other Sindacco members in Trenton, who are waiting for him with a blue Kuruma, where Salvatore is kept in the trunk.
Sindacco Member #1: Where is he? In the trunk?
Sindacco Member #2: Good. We're taking him to the crusher. The boss wants him flatter than pizza.
Toni intercepts the Sindacco members and kills them before taking the Kuruma. Salvatore is heard speaking in a muffled tone from the trunk.
Toni: Is that you, Mr. Leone? It's me, Toni. Don't worry about a thing, I'm getting you out of there!
Toni drives the car to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club in Portland Beach, where Salvatore is untied.
Salvatore: What kind of driving was that? You trying to kill me?
Toni: Mr. Leone, boss, I'm sorry. What can I tell ya?
Salvatore: Sons of Bitches! They think they can do that to me! I'll tear their fucking hearts out! This doesn't end here! ...for Christ sakes Toni - you saved my ass - call me Sal!


The reward for completing the mission is $1,500 and unlocks the mission The Guns of Leone for Joseph Daniel O'Toole.

Unique Vehicles

  • The Manana during the mission has a unique navy blue paint job. It can be saved after the player kills the Sindacco members. It may come with an additional black roof.
  • The Kuruma has a light blue paint job which isn't found anywhere else. It can be obtained only by destroying it in a garage or sending it into water and failing the mission.

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