Salvatore: "What kind of driving was that? You trying to kill me?"
Toni: "Mr. Leone. Boss. I'm sorry. What can I tell ya?"
Salvatore: "Sons of Bitches! They think they can do that to me! I'll tear their fucking hearts out! This doesn't end here! ...For Christ's sake Toni - you saved my ass - call me Sal!"
Toni Cipriani and Salvatore Leone after the former rescues the latter

Salvatore's Salvation is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Joseph Daniel O'Toole from Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District of Portland, Liberty City.


Toni drops by Paulie's Revue Bar in the Red Light District, after receiving a phone call from JD after completing "Contra-Banned". Toni finds JD panicking. JD informs Toni that Salvatore was kidnapped by members of the Sindacco Family, who are going to crush him at the Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard in Harwood. Toni is required to trail a Sindacco member in a Manana to a location in Chinatown, where two more Sindacco gang members are waiting, with Salvatore in the car trunk of a Kuruma. In the process of following the Manana, the player must maintain an optimal distance, where the player must neither be too close as to spook the Sindacco or too far to the point the player will lose the Sindacco; as both scenarios lead to mission failure.

From this point on, the player is required to intercept the Kuruma by performing brief drive-by shooting (not so much so as to kill Salvatore in the trunk) or ramming using another car. Once the Kuruma is sufficiently damaged, the Sindaccos exit the vehicle to confront the player on foot, leaving the car unattended for the player's picking; it is not mandatory to kill these Sindaccos, although they remain a threat to both the player and the heavily damaged Kuruma.

Note: if the player cannot stop the Kuruma before it reaches the crusher (due, for example, to riding a motorcycle or just not being able to get close enough to drive-by) a final opportunity to grab the vehicle presents itself at the crusher.

Once the player drives the Kuruma back to Sal's home in northern Saint Mark's. Salvatore, having been freed, vows to tear the Sindaccos apart, while praising Toni for a job well done, ending the mission.


The reward for completing the mission is $1,500 and unlocks the mission The Guns of Leone for Joseph Daniel O'Toole.


  • The "disappearing vehicle" glitch occurs after the initial cutscene, wherein any vehicle the player brings to Paulie's disappears, requiring the player to quickly carjack a vehicle in order to keep up. Making matters more difficult is the possibility that enemy gang will attack Toni in the process of him trying to grab a vehicle. To avoid losing the vehicle, park it around the corner (but not so far that it is improbable to run to it quickly).
  • An easy way to rescue Salvatore without having to race the enemy vehicle to the crusher, is to obtain a fire truck or other large vehicle before launching the mission, making sure to park it as noted above in order to avoid the disappearing vehicle glitch, then retrieve it and follow the Kuruma. The fire truck is necessary for this due to its speed. After the second cutscene, quickly pull the truck in front of the alleyway opening, blocking it completely. The car containing Salvatore will begin ramming the fire truck or whatever vehicle, in order to get it out of the way. While this is happening, get in the Manana that's been left parked and, when the enemy car pushes the truck far enough away, use the Manana to ram the enemy vehicle. After a couple hits the car is emptied, allowing Toni to waste the gang members and safely retrieve Salvatore.
  • Occasionally, the AI-controlled traffic will actually help Toni to do the things above, blocking the exit or causing a traffic jam that makes it easy to stop the other car.
  • One of the easiest ways to stop the car from being caught is to stall the crusher by putting another vehicle in the crusher's path, forcing the Sindaccos to wait until the other car is done being crushed giving the player plenty of time to kill the Sindaccos and retrieve the car.

Unique Vehicles

  • The Manana during the mission has a unique navy blue paint job. It can be saved after the player kills the Sindacco members. It may come with an additional black roof.
  • The Kuruma has a light blue paint job which isn't found anywhere else. It can be obtained only by destroying it in a garage or sending it into water and failing the mission.

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