Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club is a prominent location in the Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories renditions of Liberty City.


Built at some point prior to 1992 and located atop a hill in Portland Beach, Portland, the building serves both as Salvatore's home and the headquarters of the Leone Family. The building features an accessible interior, a living room used for conferences, a very large balcony overlooking Portland Harbor, and a bar stocked with liquor. The interior in GTA III has a piano playing on a constant loop. Concrete pillars prevent vehicles from accessing the patio at the front. The property includes two garages which can fit several cars, though these are inaccessible (except for one mission in Liberty City Stories when they contain armour and weapons). On the driveway, Mafia Sentinels spawn in GTA III and Leone Sentinels and a black PCJ-600 in GTA Liberty City Stories.

In GTA Advance, the club also features a pool and the interior cannot be accessed due to the top-down perspective. During the Droppin' Bombs mission, if the player is fast enough to deliver the shipment to the customer, he will compliment Mike and 8-Ball for the fast delievery. Then, 8-Ball will text Mike, saying that he needs three Diablo Stallions in three minutes, with the drop-off point being the club.



GTA San Andreas

GTA Advance

GTA Liberty City Stories


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