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"Compete to collect the most underwater checkpoints within the time limit."
Challenge description.

Salvage is a CEO/VIP Challenge in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.


"The Salvage Challenge has started. Enter the salvage area and compete against your Organization to collect most checkpoints for cash and RP."
— Challenge instructions.

Salvage consists of associates competing to collect fifty (50) underwater checkpoints with the help of a rebreather in a random location in Los Santos. The CEO/VIP can start the mission and participate, or "Start as Specator" and watch their associates complete instead, however the latter requires at least 2 associates/bodyguards. Once started, a random area of the map is designated as the salvage area and all players participating must enter the area. Once in the area, 50 checkpoints Blips-GTAO-Checkpoints-Checkpoint.png will be marked within the area, underwater. The player list becomes a leaderboard, listing whomever has collected the most checkpoints closer to the top of the table, and the first, second and third place competitors are listed as gold, silver and bronze entries at the bottom right of the HUD. Each checkpoint is worth $50 dollars more than the last, starting at $50.

Rebreather refills are located around the area, marked on the radar as green blips Blips-GTAO-Circle-Green.png. Players will receive a bonus reward for collecting all checkpoints. The mission will finish when the timer runs out, or when the last checkpoint is collected; whichever happens first. Once the mission is over, the winner is given a winning cash reward. The rebreathers are removed once the challenge is over.

Instructional Messages

The Salvage Challenge has started. Enter the salvage area Blips-GTAO-QuestionMark-Yellow.png and compete against your Organization to collect most checkpoints for cash and RP.
Press R1 (PlayStation)/Right Bumper (RB) (Xbox)/Q to dive underwater.
Each checkpoint will contain $50 more than the last.
Collect rebreathers Blips-GTAO-Circle-Green.png for more oxygen.
Seasharks Blips-GTAO-Seashark.png on the shore nearby can be used to reach the Salvage area.



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