In The Lost and Damned, there are two safehouses that are accessible to the player. One is the Lost MC Clubhouse, which is much larger than a regular safehouse and the other is Brian Jeremy's Safehouse, which Johnny Klebitz obtains after the mission Bad Standing.


Image Name Location Unlocked by
Lostclubhouse-TLAD-exterior Lost MC Clubhouse Acter, Alderney

Completing Clean and Serene. Unavailable after Get Lost.
The Lost MC Clubhouse is a large scale safehouse with Hi-Lo cards, an Arm Wrestling table, a Pool table, and a QUB3D arcade machine. Your sleeping quarters are in a storage room straight forward when you enter the front entrance. When you finish a certain amount of Gang Wars, there will be weapons in the Television and Computer room as a reward. Despite the fact that there is a very large parking space in front of the clubhouse, it actually can only save two vehicles. After the last mission, Get Lost, Johnny Klebitz, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, and Angus Martin return to the clubhouse, only to find it trashed by Ray Boccinno's goons. The four make the decision to burn down the clubhouse, because of all the bad things that it stands for (namely, all the deceased brothers and in-fighting in The Lost). After this mission, the safehouse is inaccessible. (It can be re-entered through a glitch.)

Brian Jeremy's Safehouse Tudor, Alderney Completing Bad Standing. Taken by Johnny Klebitz after clearing out Brian Jeremy and the other traitorous former members of The Lost Brotherhood.

Brian Jeremy's Safehouse is awarded to Johnny after "Bad Standing" when Johnny seizes control of the building from Brian.


You can park up to two vehicles outside each safehouse. It is possible to use the parking of Brian Jeremy's Safehouse before Johnny owns it. If you don't have enough space to park vehicles, you can still use the parking areas from Grand Theft Auto IV. This means you can store up to fourteen vehicles in TLAD. Watch out for the Alderney City Safehouse, as is stated to be "glitched".


Here follows a list of all the weapon and vehicle spawns inside and around the safehouses. NOTE: After the final mission (Get Lost), the Lost MC Clubhouse is not available anymore, and its interior and exterior spawn points are disabled. However, all weapons and vehicles will continue to spawn at Brian's safehouse.



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