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Safehouses are purchasable properties in Grand Theft Auto Online in which the player is kept safe.

In Safehouses, the player is immune to damage from other players and police. They cannot draw weapons, cannot sprint, and cannot ragdoll.

Safehouses typically provide some form of interaction, such as watching television, playing the radio (or the Jukebox inside Clubhouses), as well as change clothes and manage outfits, shower and sleep. Some safehouses may also offer drinks, such as wine, beer, tequila, and juice to drink, or a bong to take a hit on.

Unlike GTA V, sleeping in a safehouse bed in GTA Online will not advance time, as time in GTA Online is streamed live, and will not serve as a save point, as the game saves automatically.

Daily Costs[]

The other main difference in GTA Online is that owning a property incurs daily fees that are paid automatically from the player's bank account each in-game day that they spend playing the game. These will be listed as 'property and utilities' transactions. These range from $25 for a low-end Dynasty 8 apartment to several thousand for certain businesses or upgraded properties. Naturally, the more expensive a property is, the higher the fees.

Generally, properties with employees need to be paid a salary on top of the other fees. The most common one is that any property with a garage incurs a $50 daily fee for its Garage Mechanic. Offices, for example, come with an Assistant, at $300 per day.

Should there be insufficient funds to cover fees, utilities like water and power will be turned off, preventing activities like watching TV or taking showers. Once the fees are paid, services will resume when the next in-game day starts. Paid employees will naturally not work for the player until they can provide the employees' salaries.

List of Safehouses[]

There are several purchasable properties which serve as safehouses in GTA Online:


Main article: Apartments

Apartments are the most basic type of safehouse which have existed since the game's launch. They are purchasable on Dynasty 8 Real Estate. Apartments appear in several forms, ranging from nondescript low-end rural houses to Penthouse Suites and Stilt Houses.

Apartments feature interactive TV, radio, Drinking and drug-taking, sleeping, wardrobes and showering.

All apartments come with a garage which can be used to store personal vehicles. Depending on the tier of apartment, the garage can store 2, 6 or 10 personal vehicles plus 1–3 bicycles. Apartments (and their Garages) can serve as an optional spawn point for the player when they join GTA Online sessions.


Main article: Garages in GTA Online

Standalone garages are the first purchasable properties available to the online player and will act as a safehouse with limited functionality. There is no sleeping, eating, wardrobe or shower, but have internet access and radio and some will have a TV. The player can select them as spawn points when loading into an online session. Garages store 2, 6 or 10 personal vehicles and up to 3 bicycles. Following the Los Santos Drug Wars update, a new garage property, the Eclipse Boulevard Garage, can be bought, allowing the player to store 50 personal vehicles, while the property doesn't count towards the limit for Garages and Apartments that the player can own at once.


Main article: Galaxy Super Yacht

The Galaxy Super Yacht was added with the Executives and Other Criminals update, purchasable from DockTease. It appears as a large static super yacht located off-shore. There are 3 different Yacht models, varying in size, with different vehicles on-board available for usage to the player for free. The yacht features numerous rooms, including a bedroom where the player can sleep and change clothes, as well as several shower rooms. The upper deck features a control room where the player can change the location of the yacht via the yacht's captain, Brendan Darcy. Beneath the control room deck is the bar, where a bar attendant greets the player. Drinks are available, as well as a TV and radio.

The player cannot physically pilot the yacht, although the captain can be ordered to moor it at 12 different locations at a cost of $25,000 each time.


Main article: Offices

Offices were added in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update and serve as a headquarters for the player's Organization. They are purchasable on Dynasty 8 Executive. The player will become a CEO of their organization when purchasing an Office and have full-time access to SecuroServ's abilities as an Executive.

An Office does not act as a safehouse unless the player purchases the optional Accommodation upgrade for an additional $795,000, which allows access to a closed room. Here, the player can sleep, shower and change clothes as with regular Apartments, and set the Office as their spawn point.

Vehicle Warehouses[]

Main article: Vehicle Warehouses

Vehicle Warehouses were added in Import/Export update and automatically include rudimentary living quarters including a bed and wardrobe and are available as a safe spawn location. They include an Underground Garage for storage of owned Special Vehicles.


Main article: Clubhouses

Clubhouses were introduced in the GTA Online: Bikers update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Much like Offices, they are primarily a base to run illicit operations from The Open Road. They include more recreational functionality including a tended bar, a playable dartboard, Arm Wrestling and the Jukebox.

Unlike the Office, a Clubhouse will include sleeping quarters by default so can be used as a safehouse and spawn location with no additional cost.


Main article: Bunkers

Bunkers were added in the GTA Online: Gunrunning update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures, primarily to store the Mobile Operations Center and research Weaponized Vehicles and Mk II Weapons and run illegal arms trafficking operations via Disruption Logistics.

A $265,000 Personal Quarters upgrade is required to enable the Bunker to act as a safehouse and allow the player to select it as a spawn location. A bed and a wardrobe to change clothes are provided.


Main article: Hangars

Hangars were added in the GTA Online: Smuggler's Run update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Hangars serve as a location to store and modify personal aircraft and run smuggling operations through Free Trade Shipping Co. Living Quarters can be upgraded in two styles: Traditional for $235,000 and Modern for $375,000.


Main article: Facilities

Facilities were added in the GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures and serve as headquarters for a new series of Heists.

By default, a Facility does not act as a safehouse but the player can spend between $150,000 and $290,000 on three levels of Sleeping Quarters upgrades to allow this.


Main article: Nightclubs

Nightclubs were added in the After Hours update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Here, income will generate once per in-game day, depending on the popularity of the establishment. Technicians will also accrue goods from the player's illicit businesses to be stored in the warehouse, which can then be sold. Nightclubs also serve as storage for the Terrorbyte.

Sleeping quarters are included by default, so nightclubs can be used as a safehouse and spawn location with no additional cost.

Arena Workshop[]

Main article: Arena Workshop

The Arena Workshop was added in the Arena War update, purchasable from Arenawar. It can be used to store personal vehicles - either Arena contenders or others in the Workshop and two extra garage floors can optionally be purchased. These vehicles can also be modified by Sacha Yetarian; if the Benny's mechanic is hired, lowriders will be able to be modified with lowrider-only options. A weapon expert can also be hired, and Mk II weapons can then be upgraded here as well.

Sleeping Quarters do not come by default, but the players can choose to purchase them for an additional cost of $220,000. The Arena Workshop can then function as a safehouse and a spawn location.

Master Penthouse[]

Main article: Master Penthouse

The Master Penthouse was added as part of The Diamond Casino & Resort update, purchasable from The Diamond Casino & Resort. The Penthouse can be customized with a variety of decoration and room expansion, including a spa, a bar, and a 10-slot garage.


Main article: Arcades

Arcades were added as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures. The property's main function is its underground area, which is where The Diamond Casino Heist can be set up and launched.

Living quarters are a $150,000 optional upgrade to make the property a safehouse.

Auto Shops[]

Main article: Auto Shops

Auto Shops were added as part of the Los Santos Tuners update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Players can undertake legitimate Auto Shop Service work and Contracts.

Personal Quarters are a $340,000 optional extra to make the property a safehouse.


Main article: Agencies

A Celebrity Solution Agency is a property added as part of The Contract update, purchasable from Dynasty 8 Executive. Once purchased, it will serve the player as the in-game location of the F. Clinton and Partner business.

Personal Accomodation is an optional extra for $275,000 to use the property as a safehouse.

Salvage Yards[]

Main article: Salvage Yards

Salvage Yards were added as part of The Chop Shop update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Players can undertake Tow Truck Services and steal cars from Salvage Yard Robberies.

A Personal Quarters comes with the purchase of the property.

Bail Offices[]

Main article: Bail Offices

Bail Offices were added as part of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update, purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures. Players can undertake Standard and Most Wanted Bounties.

Personal Quarters are a $295,000 optional extra to make the property a safehouse.

Communal Safe Areas[]

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LS Car Meet[]

Main article: LS Car Meet

The LS Car Meet is a communal space added in the Los Santos Tuners update, which is accessible to all players immediately for free. After a $50,000 membership is purchased, it can serve as a shared safe spawn location. Unlike most safe spawn locations, there is no personal accommodation inside.

The Freakshop[]

Main article: The Freakshop

The Freakshop is a non-owned space added in the Los Santos Drug Wars update which is unlocked by playing First Dose 1 - Welcome to the Troupe. It can then serve as an individual safe spawn location.

Unsafe Safehouses[]

Kosatka Submarine[]

Main article: Kosatka

Like the Galaxy Superyacht, the Kosatka (added in The Cayo Perico Heist update, purchasable from Warstock Cache & Carry) is a movable maritime vessel that operates as a safehouse of sorts and automatically includes the Captain's quarters as a spawn location.

However, it should be noted that unlike all other safehouses, the player is not entirely safe inside their Kosatka as it is destroyable by other players.

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