Sacramento Avenue as seen from the southern junction.

Sacramento Avenue is a street in Alderney. It starts on Franklin Street in Leftwood, goes up north into Westdyke. Westdyke Autos appears on the junction of Sacramento and Lemhi Street. It veers right and goes past the Westdyke branch of Burger Shot and then veers right, heading south and veers right again and then stops. It becomes Bridger Street, which also stops on Franklin Street. The street itself has no particular use in the storyline of TLAD. In GTA IV, Missions like Ransom (GTA IV) and She's a Keeper take place here. In TBoGT, the mission Ladie's Night takes place here.

Stationary Vehicles

  • NRG 900- Both F and RR versions are found in Westdyke Autos.
  • Burrito- Found on the junction of Sacramento and Bridger.


Grand Theft Auto IV

The Ballad of Gay Tony



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