Chan: "I took this amazing speedboat from those idiot Spanish Lords. If you can catch me, it's yours. Come on, let's party like we're on TV!"
Huang: "This guy is ridiculous..."
Chan Jaoming and Huang Lee about to go to the boat

Sa-boat-age is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to the protagonist by Chan Jaoming.


Mission Briefing

Chan wants to celebrate the acquisition of the his new territory from Kenny Lee, by racing Huang in his new speedboat, that he acquired from the Spanish Lords.


Huang goes and meets with Chan at Castle Garden City at the dock. Chan wants to race Huang and says that if Huang beats him, he can keep the boat.

After Huang gets on the Wet Ski (the only choice for the mission), he will have to race with Chan through checkpoints, just be careful not to miss any otherwise it would be necessary to have to turn around and return to it. Shortly after, Chan's boat starts to smoke and he slows down. But it isn't a break down, the Spanish Lords sabotaged it to attack and kill Chan. So until help arrives, Huang needs to protect Chan; the game offers an unlimited amount of SMG ammo to defend Chan against the several waves of Spanish Lords on Dinghies. Many waves of gangsters will come over time, with two to four Dinghies in each of then, but shortly later a helicopter will arrive to rescue Chan, and right after, his boat explodes. If the helicopter arrives while a wave is still attacking, the player will have to kill the Spanish Lords first, before the helicopter can pick Chan. After Chan is rescued the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get on the wet ski
  • Race through the checkpoints to overtake Chan
  • Protect Chan from the Spanish Lords until help arrives
  • Take out the remaining Spanish Lords so that the helicopter can rescue Chan


The reward for this mission is 12 bags of ecstasy. The mission The Offshore Offload is unlocked (after completing Dragon Haul Z).

Mission Replay Description

"Chan wanted to celebrate acquiring new territory, by racing me in his new boat.

But the Spanish Lords had sabotaged it, wanting to ambush Chan while he was adrift.

I managed to fend them off long enough for Chan to escape."


  • The helicopter that rescues Chan has the LCPD symbol in it, which indicates Chan may have called the police.
  • The name of the mission is a play on the word "sabotage".
  • If players go to the pier before walking into the yellow corona and triggering the mission, they will find that a Cruiser and a Wet Ski have already been there. Destroying them before activating the mission will cause no in-game effect.



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