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"Lightweigt, compact, with a rate of fire to die very messily for: turn any confined space into a kill box at the click of a well-oiled trigger."
Weapon Workshop and Social Club description.

The Hawk & Little SMG Mk II is a weapon that appears in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The weapon is the Mark II version of the SMG. The weapon takes strong inspirations from the SIG Sauer MPX, evidenced by the vented handguard and similar pattern on it, while retaining elements from its base model, particularly the lower receiver.

Gone is the SMG's worn-out appearance in favour of a cleaner look, as well as a squared-off forend. The upper side features new iron sights and charging handle, no handle safety to keep the weapon's chamber open when reloading and a new grip with a finger molding on it. Similar to the Compact Rifle and the Grand Theft Auto IV iteration of the SMG, the weapon has no stock, being replaced by an end cap with a sling ring on it, similar to weapons like the MP5K.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The SMG Mk II has a slightly better damage than the SMG (25 instead of 22), and shoots faster (roughly 10% faster). Despite being weaker than most assault rifles and machineguns, adding hollow-point ammo makes it especially deadly to unprotected targets. Like the Compact Rifle, it can be used on motorcycles for Drive-Bys, though it seems to have slightly lower damage and slightly higher fire rate compared to its similar counterpart.

When applying any specialized ammo, its magazine size is reduced to 20 rounds.

GTA Online Overview

Weapon Statistics - Grand Theft Auto V
(per shot) [?]
Fire Rate [?] Range
(m / ft)
Ammo Specifications/
Reload Mechanism Reload Speed [?]
12.5 (20)


0.118 120 / 394 30 N/A N/A
In-game Statements / Markings
N/A 510 RPM Cannot be determined 20-round standard magazine (Specialized ammo)

30-round standard magazine (Standard/Tracer ammo)
60-round standard magazine (Extended Clip)

Charging handle N/A
Rockstar Games Social Club [?]
Fire Rate/Speed
Clip Size


Grand Theft Auto Online

Rounds & magazine GTA Online (Unlock)
Rounds (60) $113
Default Clip (30 rounds) Default
Extended Clip (60 rounds)
(Extended capacity for regular ammo.)
Tracer Rounds (30 rounds)
(Bullets with bright visible markers that match the tint of the gun.)
Incendiary Rounds (20 rounds)
(Bullets which include a chance to set targets on fire when shot.)
$38,650 (Research required)
Hollow Point Rounds (20 rounds)
(Increased damage to targets without Body Armor.)
$43,550 (Research required)
Full Metal Jacket Rounds (20 rounds)
(Increased damage to vehicles. Also penetrates bullet resistant and bulletproof vehicle glass.)
$57,400 (Research required)
No Flashlight Default
(Aids low light target acquisition.)
No Scope Default
Holographic Sight
(Accurate sight for close quarters combat.)
$14,800 (Research required)
Small Scope
(Standard-range zoom functionality.)
Medium Scope
(Medium-range zoom functionality.)
No Muzzle Attachment Default
(Reduces noise and muzzle flash.)
Flat Muzzle Brake
(Reduces recoil during rapid fire.)
Tactical Muzzle Brake
(Reduces recoil during rapid fire.)
Fat-End Muzzle Brake
(Reduces recoil during rapid fire.)
Precision Muzzle Brake
(Reduces recoil during rapid fire.)
Heavy Duty Muzzle Brake
(Reduces recoil during rapid fire.)
Slanted Muzzle Brake
(Reduces recoil during rapid fire.)
Split-End Muzzle Brake
(Reduces recoil during rapid fire.)
No Barrel Attachment Default
Heavy Barrel
(Increases damage dealt to long-range targets.)
$42,000 (Research required)
No Livery Default
Digital Camo $40,000
Brushstroke Camo $43,500
(Research required)
Woodland Camo $45,000
Skull $49,750
(Research required)
Sessanta Nove $75,000
(Research required)
Perseus $57,500
(Research required)
Leopard $51,500
(Research required)
Zebra $53,750
(Research required)
Geometric $55,000
(Research required)
Boom $60,000
(Research required)
Patriotic $100,000
(Released as part of the Independence Day Special event)
Livery Color
Livery Colors
  • Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Aqua
  • Cool Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Plum
  • Dark Purple
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Wine Red
  • Magenta
  • Pink
  • Salmon
  • Hot Pink
  • Rust Orange
  • Brown
  • Earth
  • Orange
  • Light Orange
  • Dark Yellow
  • Yellow
  • Light Brown
  • Lime Green
  • Olive
  • Moss
  • Turquoise
  • Dark Green
Classic Black $20,000
Classic Gray $20,000
Classic Two-Tone $30,000
Classic White $30,000
Classic Beige $30,000
Classic Green $30,000
Classic Blue $30,000
Classic Earth $35,000
Classic Brown & Black $35,000
Red Contrast $40,000
Blue Contrast $40,000
Yellow Contrast $40,000
Orange Contrast $40,000
Bold Pink $75,000
Bold Purple & Yellow $60,000
Bold Orange $60,000
Bold Green & Purple $60,000
Bold Red Features $50,000
Bold Green Features $50,000
Bold Cyan Features $50,000
Bold Yellow Features $50,000
Bold Red & White $45,000
Bold Blue & White $45,000
Metallic Gold $100,000
(Complete all weapon challenges in Tier 1)
Metallic Platinum $100,000
(Complete all weapon challenges in Tier 1)
Metallic Gray & Lilac $80,000
Metallic Purple & Lime $80,000
Metallic Red $75,000
Metallic Green $75,000
Metallic Blue $75,000
Metallic White & Aqua $90,000
Metallic Red & Yellow $90,000
(Revert back to the SMG)

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In-game model

First Person


Grand Theft Auto Online

See Also

  • SMG - Standard model.


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