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Quality house music, from deep in the underground, brought to you by an excitable German. This is music for people in the know.
— GTA San Andreas Website

San Fierro Underground Radio (SF-UR) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which plays house music. It is hosted by the German house-music enthusiast Hans Oberlander (voiced by Lloyd Floyd).


SF-UR takes the identity of an underground radio, and as such it was probably meant originally to not feature any commercials (like other electronic music radios in previous games, like Rise FM and MSX FM), something that wasn't possible due to the way radio mechanics work in GTA San Andreas. Many of the earliest house-music acts in history are featured in its playlist. Much like Wave 103, SF-UR celebrates technology as its host happily exclaims, almost crying, "The computers have taken control! Isn't it beautiful? I think so, ja. Ja".

The host is Hans Oberlander, who is bilingual, being able to speak both English and German, occasionally alternating between the two during his commentary. Hans is a susceptible, insecure, loud and obnoxious guy who thinks his music is superior as he comments "Is there any other music besides house? I doubt it. Finally an electronic reality we can believe in.". He takes a "rich and pretentious" role as he boasts of his parties in his condo that are "Very exclusive, so exclusive that no one is invited". He has a drug habit and his emotionally unstable personality reflects it, his family also takes drugs as revealed when his father calls him to the radio. His father also criticizes his music and scolds him "Son! This music's terrible! If you're going to be merciless, you have to send them beautiful Wagnerian operas."

As the name suggests, SF-UR is broadcast from a secret location in San Fierro.


Song: Preview: Notes:
"Promised Land (Club Mix)" by Joe Smooth feat. Anthony Thomas (1988)
"Pacific 202" by 808 State (1989)
"Voodoo Ray (Original Mix)" by A Guy Called Gerald (1988)
The "Original Mix" version is not available on Spotify.
This song is missing from The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition.[ref?]
"Your Love" by Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Principle (1986)
"Break 4 Love" by Raze (1988)
"Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version)" by Cultural Vibe (1986)
"Make My Body Rock (The Basic Mix)" by Jomanda (1988)
The original "1988" version is not available on Spotify.
"Someday" by CeCe Rogers (1987)
"Let The Music Use You" by Nightwriters (1987)
"Can You Feel It? (Chuck D. Mix)" by Mr. Fingers (1988)
"Move Your Body" by Marshall Jefferson (1986)
"This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) (K & T Mix)" by Maurice (1988)
The recording is actually taken from 2004's Trax Records: The 20th Anniversary Edition mix and contains two uncredited samples: Farley "Jackmaster" Funk – "Jack The Bass" (1985) at the start of the song, and The Housemaster Boyz – "House Nation" (1986) at the end.
"Weekend" by The Todd Terry Project (1988)
"The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)" by Fallout (1987)
"I'll Be Your Friend (Original DEF Mix)" by Robert Owens (1991)
"I Need A Rhythm" by The 28th Street Crew (1989) Not available on Spotify

Prominent Appearances in Gameplay[]

The station plays at the following locations:

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