This page is about the clothing maker. For the "Semi" car engine, see PMP 600.

SEMI is a clothing manufacturer first introduced in Grand Theft Auto III, then later seen on Mules in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, then seen again in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


They mainly manufacture sportswear. There are no standalone SEMI stores in San Andreas; they sell their clothing (t-shirts and shoes) in Sub Urban stores. A SEMI store can also be found in Belleville Park near the Liberty City Memorial Stadium.

In Grand Theft Auto IV there is a SEMI store located on Folsom Way, Fortside, Bohan, but the store is boarded up so it possibly has been closed down.

In GTA Chinatown Wars, in the mission By Myriads of Swords, where the player has to search the wallets of the men killed, one of the cards that can be found in their wallets is the SEMI card, with the slogan "Bend the Rules".

The company identity is based largely around penis references. In 1992, SEMI used a logo that resembles a semi-erect penis. They changed it sometime before 2001, then reverted to the old logo around 2008. The word "semi" is also slang for a half erected penis, with the slogan "Bend The Rules" implying the same concept. Their other slogan, "Play Hard", implies a full erection.


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