"Spawn with tanks, jets, and choppers for an all-out battle at Sandy Shores Airfield. RPGs, Miniguns, and Heavy Snipers only, with tons of space."

SEAL Team Six is a Rockstar Verified deathmatch in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was created by ishtheengineer, and was added in the first batch of Rockstar verified Jobs on December 30, 2013. The map takes place on the Sandy Shores Airfield, and consists of aerial and ground combat.


Players spawn with no weapons and are forced to scavenge them from the field. Most of the weapons on the map are heavy weapons such as RPGs, Miniguns and Heavy Snipers. There are also plenty of respawning vehicles to use as well.





GTAO-SEAL Team Six Map


  • Players should decide quickly on what their choice of attack should be: attacking by air or ground. Both teams have easy access to tanks, jets and helicopters, as well as extremely powerful small arms weapons. If attacking from the air, get high in the air quickly, as enemy minigun, RPG and tank fire will quickly destroy your vehicle. If attacking from the ground, get in a tank if possible. If not, run and grab as many weapons as you can because the fight ahead is going to be long and deadly. If players are assaulting you from the air, either concentrate your teams minigun fire on them or use a tank to shoot them down. If players are assaulting you by ground, either use a provided RPG or use the Buzzards or Lazers rockets to destroy their tanks, and miniguns to strafe players without a vehicle. This mission is extremely hard to play at night, and even harder when it's raining, as the only provided lights will be fire caused by explosions, minigun tracers and small lights on the runway.
  • Players should focus on their specialty. If they are a great tank driver, then they should use the Rhino while battling with the enemies. If they are a great pilot, they should stick with the jets and provide support for the ground forces. There may be instances where the ground forces are in trouble, so using the strafe run technique, the player can easily take out all the enemy ground forces and provide a ton of support. Also, attention should be focused of enemy jets as well; they might be trying to do the same technique and that can effect the team greatly.
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