The following is a walkthrough of the Ryder mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Meet Ryder at his house and find out what he has planned.
  2. Go to Reece's Barbershop for a haircut.
  3. Go to Well Stacked Pizza Co. to eat.
  4. Escape from the restaurant and make your way to the map marker at Ryder's driveway.

Detailed Walkthrough


Enter the red mission marker outside Ryder's house (which is right next door to CJ's house) to begin this mission. The cut-scene shows Ryder in the kitchen, loading his gun. He explains that a Pizza Restaurant has been painting over the Grove Street Families Gang Tags.


Climb into Ryder's Picador behind him and drive to the yellow map marker. Park the car in the red mission marker outside of "Old Reece's Hair & Facial Studio." Walk through the door to enter the barbershop, and then step into the red marker. Select the haircut you would like, then purchase it to get the cut.

Leave the barbershop. Ryder comments on CJ's haircut, good or bad. Your next goal will be to find something to eat.

Haircuts that cost $200 or more are considered expensive (good) haircuts and haircuts under 200 are considered cheap (bad) haircuts.


The Well Stacked Pizza Co. is directly across the street from Old Reece's shop. enter the red marker at the counter and order something to eat.

After Carl eats his meal, he jumps up to hold the cashier at gunpoint. The clerk responds by pulling a Shotgun from beneath the counter.


Kill the clerk or run to Ryder's car (or, if you want to, do both: the clerk drops a shotgun when he dies, which can be helpful in future), which is parked on the other side of the street. Drive into the red marker in Ryder's driveway to complete this mission, earn 3 Respect, and open up the Sweet Path missions.

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