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Big Smoke: "Hey - excuso me, José, yo soy El Grando Smokio, and I want that grass? Comprende?"
LS Vagos: "Eh, fuck you cabrón."
CJ: "What?"
Big Smoke: "Now that ain't nice. Coughio up el weedo, before I blow your brains out all over the patio."
LS Vagos: "Chinga a tu madre, pendejo."
Big Smoke tries to get weed from a Vagos member.

Running Dog is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Big Smoke from his house in Idlewood.


Carl goes to Smoke's house. Upon arriving there, he finds Officer Frank Tenpenny and Officer Eddie Pulaski leaving. Smoke informs Carl that they are attempting to extract information from him. Smoke tells CJ that his cousin, Mary is coming to the town from Mexico and he's going to pick her up.

The two drive to a place to meet two Vagos gang members. After a short mixed Spanish conversation, Smoke knocks one out using a baseball bat while the other runs away. Carl manages to catch and kill him.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get into Big Smoke's car.
  • Drive Big Smoke to the meet. If you need a weapon, go to Emmet's house.
  • Chase down the gang member.

Instructional Messages

You can only use the Super Sprint for a short time before becoming tired.
The more you sprint, the higher your stamina will become, allowing you to exert yourself for longer.


The reward for this mission is increased respect. The mission Wrong Side of the Tracks is unlocked.


Carl Johnson goes to Big Smoke's Home to find Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski leaving. Big Smoke follows behind them.
Tenpenny: Boo!
CJ: Asshole.
Tenpenny: Yo Carl, see you around!
CJ: The fuck they doin' here anyway? Punk ass police.
Big Smoke: Those lousy motherfuckers won't leave me alone. Think i'm Mr. Big or something but I don't tell 'em shit! For me, it's all about my homeboy Carl.
CJ: Yeah, whatever you say.
Big Smoke: The gang's realy important, CJ, you know that. You down to represent, baby?
CJ: Yeah.
Big Smoke: Look, my cousin is coming into town from Mexico. I got to go scoop her up.
CJ: Alright then, let's go.
CJ and Big Smoke head to East Los Santos to meet Big Smoke's cousin.
CJ: What you want me to roll with you for anyway?
Big Smoke: No reason. I just wanted to get to the car pool lane.
CJ: Oh yeah?
Big Smoke: Yeah man, just cool out homie, just chill.
CJ: Your cousin's coming here? From Mexico?
Big Smoke: Yeah, me an' her go way back, way back.
CJ: Ah Smoke, you full of shit.
Big Smoke: Don't be prejudiced again in my presence, Carl. Everybody is my cousin.
CJ and Big Smoke arrive to East Los Santos, where they see two Vagos members.
Big Smoke: Ok, my cousin Mary's in there. Sweet. Sticky. Bud fresh off the plantation. Here, pull up here, let me do the talking.
CJ: Man, I shoulda known.
Big Smoke: Hey, excuse me, Jose, yo soy El Grando Smokio. And I want that grass. Comprende?
Vago: Ey, fuck you cabrón.
CJ: What?
Big Smoke: Now that ain't nice. Coughio up el weedo, before I blow your brains out all over the patio.
Vago: Chinga a tu madre, pendejo.
CJ: Man, let me get the heater on this... Get him Smoke!
Big Smoke: Yeah, yeah, you go get that shit, ni**a... (hits Vago with a baseball bat) Yeah, motherfucker, Big Smoke! Remember that name!
Big Smoke: We gotta stick with him. (Smoke sprints down a staircase and runs out of breath.) CJ, this one's all yours, baby.
CJ chases the remaining Vago and once he kills him the mission is complete.


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  • Big Smoke says his cousin is called "Mary", which is a reference to Mary Jane, slang for marijuana.
  • This is the only mission given by Big Smoke where Carl is not required to use a motorbike.
    • However, even though he is required to use a yellow Sanchez in the next mission, he does not need to.
  • If the Sentinel is destroyed or the driver is killed before the Vago runs to it, he will just flee from the scene with a random NPC scream, giving the player time to kill him.
  • If the running Vago is killed while in sight of the Sentinel, after the mission is completed, the Sentinel driver will drive the vehicle away rapidly.
  • The Sentinel is locked if the driver is waiting for the Vago in it. If the driver is killed by whatever reason, Carl can enter the vehicle and it can be kept after killing the Vago, but it will lock itself if the player simply gets out of the car.
  • The line the second Vagos member uses roughly translates to, "fuck you, dumbass," and afterwards, "fuck your mother, asshole."
  • In this mission, it is revealed that Big Smoke knows how to speak (some) Spanish.
  • Earlier during the game's development, this mission also required Carl to drive Smoke back home. CJ asked Smoke about Tenpenny's visit at the start of the mission, which Smoke replied that he does not know who Tenpenny is. It is speculated that part was cut because it was strongly foreshadowing Smoke's betrayal. The part can be seen here.
  • After the mission, if Carl has over 50% fat, he will receive a phone call from Smoke shortly afterwards, who tells Carl that he is "letting himself go" and needs to visit the Gym, and Carl sarcastically declines his suggestion. This can be seen here.
  • This is the only time the interior of Big Smoke's house is seen (at least part of it). Outside of this cutscene, if managing to go through the building, the interior will be absent, as it is scripted to spawn only in the cutscene.
  • Though there's no monetary reward from completing the mission, the Vagos member drops a large amount of cash upon death, similar to other drug dealer pedestrians.
  • In some occasions, if the player attempts to shoot the running Vago in the head after he gets into the vehicle, not only will he drop money and a pistol, but also an extra Micro-SMG that he has used to perform a drive-by shooting on CJ.
  • The destination of the Vagos ride is the house with the green door in Las Colinas. This can be seen here. Allowing the Vagos to reach the house will result in a mission failure.

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