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"This is the long awaited sequel to the Little Panto that Dared to Dream Big. The objective is the same: the runner in the pocket-sized hatchback either reaches the end zone, or gets some serious whiplash in the attempt. Only this time, you and your team have got nothing but a squadron of Tezeracts and a specially engineered tunnel of death between you and that precious touchdown. Hut-hut."
— Description.
"With football season in full swing, the Adversary Mode starring the undersized Panto that dared to dream big is back. The main goal of reaching the end zone is still the same in Running Back (Remix), but now the pocket-sized hatchback Runner is both flanked and opposed by an upgraded fleet of 5-star recruits in Tezeracts. This new gridiron clash is built specially to maximize the carnage and competition."
Rockstar Newswire Description.

Trading Places (Remix)[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the After Hours update, released on September 18, 2018, during the Running Back (Remix) Week event.


Unlike the original Running Back mode, the missions do not take place on motorways and bridges, but instead on platforms above the map.

Two teams square off from opposing sides of the platforms. The elusive Runner, behind the wheel of a Benefactor Panto, must go the distance and get across the end zone line at the far end of the playing field within one minute, with the help of their Offense teammates in Pegassi Tezeracts. Meanwhile, their Defense opponents (also in Tezeracts) must ruthlessly block, crash, and pummel their way to try to stop them.

Each team has four attempts for their Runner to make it to the finish line, unlike the original mode, where one round was made up of only a single attempt by a team. The team which scored the most points wins the round.


When on Defense, it is a good idea to keep one Defender back to act as a safety, should the Runner break through to the second-level. Those forming the initial line of attack should work as a unit to cover as many gaps as possible. Players could even have all Defenders stay on the goal line, prevent-style. This does not give much room for error, but will give the most amount of time to coordinate the defense. A good tactic is to try to pin the Runner to the wall and apply the handbrake to ensure they cannot move.

The Offensive team need to coordinate together to protect their Runner and create opportunities for them to break through the defensive line. To do so, get teammate Blockers out in front of the Runner, similar to how a screen pass is setup in football. Make sure to go one to-one against the Defenders - doubling up will leave an extra Defender alone to attack the Runner. With the Runner hanging back slightly, they can wait for a spot to open up. While doing so, the Runner should remain in the center of the field of play - hugging the walls will narrow the chances of escape and increase the likelihood of being pinned.

If, as the Runner, the player finds themselves blocked, don't be afraid to backtrack and find a new line through the defense. Try to mix up the offensive play and surprise the opponents with a new strategy each round, purposefully creating blocking lines to leave a clear path for the Runner.


Image Location Map
Running Back (Remix) I takes place above the Alamo Sea.
Running Back (Remix) II takes place on platforms stretching from Pillbox Hill to Hawick.
Running Back (Remix) III takes place on platforms stretching from La Puerta to Pillbox Hill.
Running Back (Remix) IV takes place above Vinewood Hills, on platforms stretching from the Sisyphus Theater to La Fuente Blanca.
Running Back (Remix) V takes place above Raton Canyon, on platforms stretching from the Zancudo Bridge to the Fort Zancudo Approach Road.
Running Back (Remix) VI takes place above Vinewood Hills, on platforms stretching from Lake Vinewood Estates and going past the Galileo Observatory.
Running Back (Remix) VII takes place on platforms stretching from Little Seoul to Mission Row.

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