"I've dropped some protection at the multistory car park. Pick it up..."
Juan Cortez to Tommy Vercetti.

The Kruger (or Ruger in the original PS2 version) is a Assault Rifle featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It was also meant to appear in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, but was cut from the game.


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The Ruger replaces the AK-47 from former and future titles. The rifle becomes available to buy at Ammu-Nation after the mission "Guardian Angels". Being an assault rifle, there is no auto-aim but can be manually aimed. Its performance is similar to that of the more expensive M4, the main difference being that it has a significantly slower rate of fire (400 RPM for the Ruger versus 600 RPM for the M4). The weapon is based on the real life Ruger AC556F law-enforcement version of the Mini-14 rifle.


GTA Vice City


  • The Ruger/Kruger can be auto-aimed at pedestrians by setting yourself on fire and holding the targeting button. This can also be done with the M4 and the M60. It is best used after completion of Firefighter side-mission to gain fire-proofing of Tommy.


In-game model

HUD icons


  • The Ruger was going to be included in GTA Liberty City Stories but was removed for unknown reasons. The HUD icon for the weapon can still be found in the game files on PS2.
  • Originally ruger was going to have wooden finish, which was removed. PS2 version still uses the wooden skin.
  • The Ruger appears in GTA San Andreas, inside Ammu-Nation, located in Downtown Los Santos. However, it's only a prop seen on the wall, and can't be used by the player.

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