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Tommy Vercetti: "DIAZ?! I've come to take over your business!"
Ricardo Diaz: "TOMMY! You betrayed me, you idiot! I'm gonna kill you real soon..."
Tommy Vercetti shortly before killing Ricardo Diaz.

Rub Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Lance Vance from outside Ricardo Diaz's mansion on Starfish Island, Vice City.


Tommy decides to act on his plan to kill Diaz. He meets up with Lance on the bridge to Starfish Island, and Lance provides Tommy with an M4 Carbine. They enter Diaz's Mansion and manage to shoot their way through the mansions gardens. They enter the mansion through the back door, next to an indoor pool, and shoot their way through the hallways. They eventually reach the main hall where Diaz is waiting, having spotted them entering his property through CCTV.

Diaz has eight guards as protection but they, along with Diaz himself, are killed. Diaz manages to crawl to the top of the stairs, claiming to have trusted Tommy, before Tommy and Lance kill him.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Kill Diaz!



The reward for completing this mission is $50,000 and the missions Love Juice and Shakedown are unlocked. Three of the Chopper Checkpoint missions have been unlocked too, as well as more weapons at the Downtown Ammu-Nation. The player can now save their game at Diaz's mansion (now renamed the Vercetti Estate) and store vehicles in the mansion's garage. It is also now possible to gain a six-star wanted level.


Tommy Vercetti is waiting outside the entrance to the yard of Diaz's mansion, and Lance Vance arrives in a Stallion. Lance opens the trunk to reveal the firepower needed to kill Ricardo Diaz, the man responsible for foiling Tommy's drug deal.
Lance: I got us some cannons in the trunk.
Tommy: Holy shit! Where'd you get all this stuff?
Lance: Been saving it for a rainy day. (chuckles)
The guns are revealed to be two M4 rifles.
Lance: You like?
Tommy: Yeah, I like.
Meanwhile, Diaz is relaxing in the office of his mansion, when he suddenly checks the security monitors and sees Tommy and Lance heading to kill him. Diaz picks up his MP5.
Tommy: This place is going to be crawling with assholes, be careful...
Lance: Don't worry, Tommy, I'll cover you.
Tommy and Lance head out and kill all of Diaz' goons they find. The front door is locked, so Tommy and Lance are forced to enter from the basement.
Tommy: Diaz must be inside!
Tommy and Lance enter the mansion from the basement and head upstairs, killing more of Diaz' goons along the way, until they reach the main room, at which point, Diaz comes out of his office and decides to face off against Tommy and Lance.
Tommy: Diaz! I've come to take over your business!
Diaz: Tommy, you betrayed me, you idiot! I'm gonna kill you real soon!
Lance: Eat this, you murderous bastards!
Tommy defeats Diaz.
Diaz: You stupid beautiful house...look what you've done to it!
Lance: This is for my brother!
Lance kicks Diaz over.
Diaz: I trusted you, Tommy... (coughs) I woulda had you made...
Lance: Say goodnight, Mr. Diaz!
Tommy and Lance points their guns at Diaz. Screen cuts to white as a gunshot is heard. With Diaz dead, Tommy took over his mansion.

Post-mission phone calls

Phone Call 1

  • Kent Paul: Tommy son, have I got a surprise for you, I'm down at the recording studios with some major artists. Why don't you pay us a visit? You know it makes sense, dontcha? See ya later.

Phone Call 2

  • Sonny Forelli: Tommy, remember me?
  • Tommy Vercetti: Hello, Sonny.
  • Sonny Forelli: That's right, Sonny. We're old friends. You never write me, you never call. Don't you want to be friends no more?
  • Tommy Vercetti: I've been busy trying to sort things out. You didn't give me a lot of support down here, Sonny.
  • Sonny Forelli: Oh, my fault is it? Well, I've heard you been busy all right. Busy killing drug barons. Busy taking over. Don't forget about us, Tommy. 'cause I can assure you, I ain't forgetting about you.


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  • On the iPad version, a glitch may occur causing Lance to shoot Diaz during the cutscene where Diaz exits his office.
  • If the player infiltrates the mansion via the roof, they will not encounter any guards until they reach the hall.


  • This is one of two missions (the other being The Job) to have a reward payout higher than the final mission.
  • The mission is very similar to a scene in the cult classic film Scarface, which had a drug lord (Frank Lopez), who is similar to Diaz, gunned down by his former comrades after betraying them (Tony Montana, the protagonist and Manny Ribera, a close friend of Tony) in his headquarters, as his former comrades take over his crippled empire after his death.
  • The shot of Lance opening the trunk and him and Tommy preparing for a raid while the camera is in the trunk of the car resembles a scene from the classic 1994 crime film, Pulp Fiction.[1]
  • Following this mission, the Diaz gang will only be encountered in Rampages (in which case they will be hostile to Tommy), as well as in Firefighter and Vigilante missions.
  • This is one of the few missions that feature the Desert Eagle (Lance holds it in the final cutscene), despite being unavailable for use in the game.
  • After completion of this mission, the Infernus parked outside the mansion will always spawn in white for the remainder of the game.
  • Originally, Lance was supposed to talk to Tommy about taking over Diaz's empire after the two kill him. This speech is unused in the game, however, it still remains in the game files, as it is a part of the same audio file as the audio for the cutscene where Diaz gets killed.[2]


  1. A shot from Pulp Fiction that may have inspired a similar shot in the intro cutscene where the two characters equip guns from their car trunks and prepare for a raid, while the camera stays in the trunk.
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