Roy Zito is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV who is the underboss of the Gambetti Family, a role he took over when Sammy Bottino went into hiding.


Zito runs a number of Gambetti-owned dry cleaners throughout Liberty City that specialize in removing forensic evidence. Fiercely loyal to his don; rumor has it that when Jon Gravelli had kidney failure Zito offered him his kidney. Gravelli refused the offer but Zito cut his kidney out himself and presented it to Gravelli in a bucket of ice.

According to Tony Prince, he knows from "personal experience" that Zito is a closeted homosexual, though when questioned about it Zito had reportedly claimed Tony spiked his drink.

LCPD Database record

First Name:Zito
Place of Birth:Broker, Liberty City
Affiliations:• ­ Gambetti Crime Syndicate
Criminal Record:• ­ 1990 - Grand Theft Auto

• ­ 1992 - Armed Robbery

• ­ 1995 - Manslaughter

• ­ 2006 - Racketeering

Notes:• ­ Reported to be the right hand of Jon Gravelli since Sonny Bottino went into hiding.

• ­ Controls several legitimate business including a chain of dry cleaners that specialize in removing forensic evidence from clothing.

• ­ Believed to have offered one of his kidneys to the ailing Jon Gravelli in tribute. When Gravelli refused the offer, it is reported that Zito cut the kidney out himself and gave it to the boss in a bucket of ice.


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