Route 11 is one of the highways located in San Andreas, featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It passes through the Tongva Valley. It begins at North Rockford Drive and Route 14, goes through Tongva Drive and Zancudo Road, and ends at Route 68.

Route Description

Route 11 begins as the continuation of Route 14 as Tongva Drive through the affluent neighborhood of Richman. As Tongva Drive continues north away from Richman it intersects with Banham Canyon Drive at the LTD Gasoline station. After this intersection the highway intersects with the western terminus of Marlowe Drive and this intersection marks the start of the rural part of the route. Route 11 runs parallel with a stream whose source begins a little north of Banham Canyon Drive. This stream has numerous sources which diverge into it through small waterfalls. Route 11 offers beautiful scenery as it passes through a canyon along with a rest area for travelers and a boat house for jet skiers. Route 11 crosses over the stream at a spot where it transitions to Zancudo Road at the intersection with Zancudo Barranca. It snakes around the Marlowe Vineyards before the highway ends at its northern terminus with Route 68.


Road begin.svgRichman Glen
continues after ends at Banham Canyon Drive
Freeway exit.svgRichman Glen Marlowe Drive
Freeway exit.svgTongva Hills Tongva Drive - Fort Zancudo, Harmony
Road end.svgLago Zancudo
ends at



Route 11 is based on California State Route 27 which is known as Topanga Canyon Boulevard. This road is a popular road for residents of the San Fernando Valley to reach Santa Monica quickly, much as it is for travelers from Route 68 to reach Del Perro Beach. The highway offers beautiful views in real life much as Route 11 does in game.

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