Rotterdam Hill is a small, trendy upscale neighborhood located in northern Broker, Liberty City. It is bordered to the north and to the west by Brunner Street (BOABO); to the southwest by Mohanet Avenue and to the south by Chive Street (East Hook); and to the east by Mohawk Avenue and Oneida Avenue (Downtown and Outlook, respectively).


Rotterdam can be considered a friendly middle-class neighborhood.  Located on an elevated plot of land behind a massive retention wall on the eastern fringe of BOABO, Rotterdam Hill gives off a very quaint atmosphere with elements of trendiness. Its few streets are lined with well-maintained brownstones and are very quiet, compared to the busy roads just a few blocks to the east in Downtown.

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Rotterdam Hill appears to be mainly derived from Brooklyn's Clinton Hill in size. However, Rotterdam Hill seems to mainly take its influence from Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights, both neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands, and Boerum is the name of a Dutch family that inhabited the area of modern day Boerum Hill during the colonial era and occupied a farm on the area where the current neighborhood sits. Being that Liberty City, like New York City was originally colonized by the Dutch, it would make sense for Rotterdam Hill to be named after a Dutch city, and in the case of New York City, Boerum Hill to be named after a Dutch family. The area of Rotterdam Hill also takes influence from the area of Brooklyn Heights as seen by its promenade on its western side.  


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