This article is about the car in Grand Theft Auto 2. For the funeral car, see Romero's Hearse.

The Romero is a sedan in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Grand Theft Auto 2

The Romero assumes the design of a two-door sports coupe, distinguished by its bubble-like windscreens and triangular windows in the rear. Ray Larabie's original design exhibits a more original design. It's internal name is ALFA, suggesting that it's based on an Alfa Romeo coupe, presumably the BAT 9 model.


Grand Theft Auto 2

Despite its somewhat sporty design, the Grand Theft Auto 2 rendition's controls are delayed, resulting in sluggish cornering, and its acceleration and top speed may be regarded as below average.

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Grand Theft Auto 2


Grand Theft Auto 2

When it is crushed, the Romero will award the player:


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