For the sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2, see Romero.
"Funeral director's vehicle. Possibly used as cover."
— GTA Vice City Website

The Romero is a vehicle which first appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Originally called Romero's Hearse, the name was then shortened to Romero in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. In Grand Theft Auto V, it is called the Romero Hearse. The Romero is manufactured by Albany in GTA IV and Chariot in GTA V.


3D Universe

The design of the Romero's Hearse in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is as expected for a vehicle tailored to transport the deceased, appearing as a black station wagon-like car with a rear compartment designed to carry a coffin. It resembles an '80s Buick Superior Hearse (in turn based on a 1977–1984 Buick Electra). The car may come with a coffin at the back (appearing with one of two or three different designs). This version also resembles kind of a station wagon version of the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it resembles a late '70s Cadillac hearse, sporting a wider range of colors for the roof and body (although generally maintain dark tones). One of Carl Johnson's possible girlfriends, Katie Zhan, owns a white Romero, and will give Carl the keys to it if Carl gains her approval.

HD Universe

The Grand Theft Auto IV and V rendition of the Romero is a modified version of the Washington sedan, and as such, bears the Albany brand. However, the vehicle lacks a coffin, aside from one mission Undertaker. In GTA IV, the hearse has whitewall tires.

In GTA V, the Romero always spawns with a coffin in the rear and normal tires.


3D Universe

The Romero's Hearse in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a car capable of high speeds, but suffers from poor steering due to its weight and long wheelbase. Performance of the Romero in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is even worse, as the car is only capable of mediocre top speeds, and features weak brakes, though it does have a good side, as its excellent grip on all surfaces, (except sand) combined with its low braking, allow it to brake and drift around corners a lot more easily than other cars. This ability significantly improves its bad turning, while retaining continous high speeds, thus making it a somewhat desirable car.

The performance of the Hearse in GTA Liberty City Stories is similar to the game's Perennial as both cars share the same body construction, thus possessing mediocre-to-average acceleration and top speed but responsive steering and braking.

All renditions of the hearse are only capable of carrying two occupants, despite featuring two back doors in most cases. The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City rendition is an exception, being capable of holding four occupants.

HD Universe

The Grand Theft Auto IV Romero retains the adequate handling of the Washington, but has inferior acceleration and top speed of 138 mph due to the added weight of the wagon body.

GTA V Overview

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Prominent Appearances in Missions

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Romero's Hearse is only available in the mission "Two Bit Hit" but it can be spawned through cheats. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, however, the Romero can be found outside missions, for example at the Blackfield Chapel in Las Venturas or at the Angel Pine Medical Center.

The Romero in Grand Theft Auto IV is only featured in the mission "Undertaker". It can be mostly found near the church located in Suffolk when the player is driving the car.

Modifications (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

The Romero can be modified at the TransFenders.

Type Upgrade Cost
Colors Car Color 1 (64 different colors) $ 150
Car Color 2 (64 different colors) $ 150
Nitro 2x Nitrous $ 200
5x Nitrous $ 500
10x Nitrous $ 1000
Wheels Import $ 820
Atomic $ 770
Ahab $ 1000
Virtual $ 620
Access $ 1140
Off Road Wheel $ 1000
Mega $ 1030
Grove $ 1230
Twist $ 1200
Wires $ 1560
Car Stereo Bass Boost $ 100
Hydraulics Hydraulics $ 1500


GTA Vice City

  • It can only be obtained during the mission "Two Bit Hit", by stealing it from the Haitian funeral.
  • Via cheat - PC: THELASTRIDE, PS2 - down, R2, down, R1, L2, left, R1, L1, left, right.

GTA San Andreas


  • It can be obtained during "Undertaker", where the player have to take the corpse of Derrick or Francis to Steinway or Colony Island.
    • The Romero will drive past, but if the player luckily shoots the driver's head, the Romero will stop and the car can be obtained.
    • It can also be obtained afterwards if the player is lucky enough to find it in traffic. It rarely spawns in Colony Island, at the cemetery's parking lot.
    • Some mainly spawn in traffic, if already driving in one. It can spawn in Steinway and Colony Island.




GTA Vice City

  • In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, when the Romero's left light is broken, it will still work, but the right (unbroken) light will not, and vice versa.
  • If you manage to get a passenger to sit in the back of Romero, he will sit inside the coffin. This is probably a bug.

GTA San Andreas

  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Romero is the least durable vehicle in the game, though it does have significantly softer suspensions than even a Monster. But the suspensions are very short, sometimes leading to the cars chassis scraping the ground from a fall. (This problem can be fixed by modifying it with Hydraulics at any Transfender shop, and locking the hydraulics on 'High' mode, making it an acceptable off-roader, especially when equipped with Off Road Wheels.)
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the Romero is the only vehicle that starts with Radio Off.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, on back doors there are door handles, but there is no gap between doors and rest of the body and back doors can´t be broken.



  • There is a wrecked Romero on a car jack in the La Mesa location of Los Santos Customs.
  • The Romero in GTA V has a uniquely purple interior that is different to the Washington it is based on.
  • The Romero can be customized in GTA V with the basic upgrades such as respray, wheels, etc.
  • The Romero in GTA Online can be fitted with a tracker and insurance.
  • If the Romero is destroyed by explosives, the wreath that is on top of the coffin inside will remain undamaged.

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