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Romania is a country located in Eastern Europe, and the ninth largest country in the European Union. Its capital city is Bucharest, and the country is bordered by Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the northeast and east, and Bulgaria to the south.

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3D Universe

HD Universe

  • Darko Brevic lived in Bucharest, Romania, after betraying Niko Bellic, Florian Cravic and the rest of their squad.
  • At one point during their first random encounter, Eddie Low will ask Niko about his accent. During the conversation he asks if Niko is from East Europe and mentions Romania, Bulgaria and the Balkans:
"Eddie: Where are you from, pal of mine? What's your accent?
Are you from East Europe? Romania? Bulgaria? Balkans?

Niko: Hey, you're a smart guy."
―Eddie Low and Niko
  • On the Eastbourne Way leg of the Vinewood Star Tours, the tour guide will point out that they are on the stretch of road as seen in the videos of Jill Von Crastenburg and the Romanian shotput team.
  • The car Asea from GTA V incorporates frontal and rear features from the Romanian Dacia Logan.


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