For the criminal in GTA IV, see Rodrigo Stavnes.

Rodrigo in person during Tequila Slammer - Phone 4: Mission 2.

Rodrigo is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto 1, featured on the chapter Tequila Slammer.

He was one of El Burro's henchmen who analyzed a Tanker containing unknown chemicals, and he was the oldest member of the gang adn personal friend of El Burro at the time. Short after analyzing the material, he began to act strange. He is killed by the protagonist of GTA 1 on the orders of El Burro, to avoid the police picking them up and finding out about the chemicals.

He was the sixth and penultimate target, after Alfonso, found in the Market district of San Andreas. Unlike the other ones intoxicated by the chemicals, who just try to run away, Pedro will leave his car (a blue Portsmouth) and fight back when confronted. Apparently, he knew about the deaths of the previous targets since he was armed and ready.

After his death, El Burro ordered the protagonist to go after the last target: another gang member called Chico.


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