Rodney Morash

Rodney Morash is a main character in the games Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961, and in both games Morash can be chosen as one of the protagonists by the player.

Morash appears as a stylish hooligan in his twenties, and is aesthetically a parody of the 'Mod' subculture. He has "mop" hair, a tailor-made suit, and of course an affinity for wizz (drugs) and Mod Scooters, which occasionally spawn along with the character to reinforce the stereotype.



  • Morash is perhaps the best known and most recognizable character from the GTA London games. Some releases of the game had a simple Union Jack as the cover box art, whilst others had artwork of Morash. He is also the default protagonist in the selection menu.
    • Morash appears on some of the artwork for the game, holding a shotgun and saying "Don't mess sunshine. Or I'll kick yer bloody head in. Understood ponce?".
      • The aforementioned artwork has also been adopted for use as a Rockstar Games Social Club user avatar, the only one to represent the "Grand Theft Auto: London" category.
  • Morash's appearance is highly reminiscent of young Paul McCartney and Pete Townshend.
  • It is implied Morash is a member of the Battersea Mods, although paradoxically one chapter of the missions has the player going to war with the gang and wiping the Mods out for the Crisp Twins. This is never made clear, however.
  • His name sounds similar or might refer to the English footballer Rodney Marsh.
  • He bears slight resemblance to legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.


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