"We've got a truck turned upside down over the city, all kind of chaos down there. The word of the street says, 'If you don't have to travel, then stay home and listen with me, Sammy Starock'.
— Sammy Starock comes from the School of Hard Knocks!
— Rockstar Radio

Rockstar Radio is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto 2 only available in the Downtown District and hosted by Sammy Starock.


The station plays rock and funk and occasionally features on-air phone calls from the listeners, and getting letters. The two phone calls from listeners were replaced by two advertisments in the Playstation release, probably for censorship because of the insults that Sammy Starock says.

The radio has an all-around "bad boy" attitude. The DJ makes controversial comments purely for shocking value, like stating that he's the worst racist ever.

The station is an obvious reference to Rockstar Games, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series. The DJ's name references both GTA creator Sam Houser and Rockstar.


For the original songs the year of release is that of GTA 2: 1999.
Authors of the original songs, at the side, in superscript.
1 - This is a licensed song.



  • Track 7's "I Wanna Phunk" plays in Futuro FM during the news and weather reports.
  • During the weather report, it plays Ohjaamo's "Complications", from Head Radio in GTA.
  • During the calls, it plays Reed's "L.E.D.", from Futuro FM.



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