Rockford Plaza is a large and high-end shopping center featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is bordered by San Vitus Boulevard, Carcer WayHawick Avenue, Las Lagunas Boulevard and Dorset Drive in Burton and Rockford Hills, in Los Santos.



Rockford Plaza logo.

Despite of the name, the shopping mall is predominantly located in Burton. It sells mostly expensive clothing and jewellery. The plaza is listed on Grand Theft Auto V's Shopping & Glamour section of its website as one of the 3 places you can shop in. It also includes a parking lot that can be accessed from Occupation Avenue, Carcer Way and Hawick Avenue. Carcer Way (between San Vitus Boulevard and Las Lagunas Boulevard) goes through the plaza. The Ponsonbys is the only accesable store in the plaza. When switching to Michael, he can be seen dropping off Tracey or Jimmy at the Vinewood Bar & Grill.

In The Diamond Casino Heist, it is revealed that SecuroServ provides security services to the mall.


It is based on the real-life Beverly Center shopping mall in Beverly Hills.




These advertisements can be seen at the location of the mall:


  • Stunt Jump - at the elevated area near the intersection of San Vitus Boulevard and Carcer Way (accessible through a driveway in the tunnel section).
  • Spaceship Part - in a small garden right below the stunt jump area.
  • MP5 - in the Carcer Way section under the plaza building, on the raised concrete platform between traffic lanes.



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