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"Ah, the things you'll do to earn that promotion. Climb the boss's slippery pole. Get a head with the director. Join the shareholders as they hurl their Rocket Voltics through a lap race over the summit of the Maze Bank Tower. Really, honestly, you'll just climb forever, like the housing market."
―Race description.

Ascent is a Special Vehicle Stunt Race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update. It is locked to the Coil Rocket Voltic and is available for up to 16 players.


The race is a 33 checkpoint long Lap race, default to 2 laps.

The race is set around Downtown Los Santos and Pillbox Hill. It is strictly for the Rocket Voltic and focuses on extreme ascents towards the Maze Bank Tower, following vast declines. Along the ascents are numerous special ability recharges available, which give the player constant rocket power for the jump over the building. The track also features numerous hamster tubes. The entire track is themed pink and black.

This race features two unique prop Xero Blimps, which can be seen flying slowly around the city. One is colored pink, while the other is dark gray, and both feature electronic ticker signs on the side reading "GIVE YOUR CAR A BOOST".




  • Gold blip indicates checkpoint.
  • Purple blip indicates prop.


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