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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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You know what's easier than robbing a bank? Robbing bank robbers. And, as luck would have it, there's a two-eleven on the police scanner, so we're in business. Use the app in the Nerve Center to access the traffic camera network and find out where the robbery is going down. Then just swoop in and take the payday... and I'll find us a client who can deactivate a dye pack.
Paige Harris at the start of Robbery in Progress.

Robbery in Progress is a Client Job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the After Hours update.


Paige advises that there is a bank robbery in progress that the player can intervene and take the loot. In order to locate the robbery, the player accesses the Traffic Camera network of Los Santos County and Blaine County via Paige's touchscreen computer in the Terrorbyte nerve center. 6 cameras can be viewed, each outside a bank; however, only three locations (see below) ever actually have the robbery.

Once the player finds the location where the police are attending the robbery and engaged in a gun battle with the professional heist crew, Paige accesses the interior camera of the affected bank to get more detail on the opposition.

The player must then travel to the location of the robbery, eliminate the remaining three armed bank robbers and capture the bag of gold. Similarly to The Paleto Score, one of the robbers will be outside dressed in Ballistic Equipment armed with a Minigun, one will be inside the main doors guarding the employees and hostages and a third will be in the vault. At the Pacific Standard Bank, the two inside will both be in the main teller area, while the minigun-carrying robber is often located just inside the front door (note: PSB's second entrance on Vinewood Boulevard is locked during this mission).

The player must then eliminate any LSPD or sheriff department officers and lose a 2-star wanted level before Paige will reveal the location of a buyer for the loot.

The buyer will be waiting at the location next to a black Rumpo Custom.

Other opposing players will be informed of the player's location with the gold and will be encouraged to take it for themselves. If they manage to take the loot, they will be directed to an alternate buyer located near the player's designated buyer.

Traffic Camera Locations


Despite there being six banks under surveillance, the robbery itself only happens at one of three banks (each with its own buyer location):

Bank Location. Buyer Locations.
Fleeca Bank, Route 68, Harmony.
Kimble Hill Drive, Vinewood Hills.
Player Buyer Map Opposition Buyer
Fleeca Bank, Morningwood.
Labor Place, La Mesa.
Player Buyer Map Opposition Buyer
Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank, Downtown Vinewood.
Magellan Avenue, Vespucci Beach.
Player Buyer Map Opposition Buyer


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online - Terrorbyte Client Jobs Paige Missions

Robbery in Progress starts at 1:07 and ends at 7:50