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Hello, boy. What's that? You said a man's stuck in a tree? And he needs my help? Part of you would rather leave him there 'cause he's a bit of a dick? But you're doing your civic duty? Okay, shit, show me.

— Franklin Clinton

Risk Assessment is the first in a series of Strangers and Freaks missions in Grand Theft Auto V. It is given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Dom Beasley.


While traveling through Vinewood Hills, Franklin comes across a barking dog. Franklin is somehow capable of understanding the dog and follows the animal along a dirt path to where Dom is hanging by the lines of his parachute from the branches of a tree overlooking the Sisyphus Theater. Franklin helps Dom out of the tree, then tells the adrenaline junkie how his dog led him to the scene. 

Dom says he has no dog. When Franklin looks around, the dog is gone. In the meantime, Dom has called his helicopter pilot to come retrieve him and now Franklin. With a bit of prodding, Franklin agrees to go parachuting with Dom.

The pilot flies Franklin and Dom to a spot near Mount Chiliad. The two parachute down to the peak of the mountain. From there, Dom challenges Franklin to a race down the mountain on Scorcher bikes. Once the race is over (regardless of whether Franklin wins or loses), Dom says he and Franklin should engage in more escapades.

After completing the mission, a series of 13 Parachute Jumps will unlock across the state. Although they do not need to be completed right away, they are required for 100% completion and will also need to be done before Dom's mission strand can be completed. Any of the three characters can do the jumps.

Mission Objectives

  • Follow the dog.
  • Follow Dom.
  • Enter in the helicopter.
  • Jump off the helicopter to the landing zone.
  • Mount the bike.
  • Race Dom down the Chiliad.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Free Faller - Fall for 7 seconds before opening the parachute.
  • Big Air - Get 2 seconds of air during the bicycle race.
  • Downhill King - Win the bicycle race against Dom.


  • The dog is an obvious reference to the fictional Border Collie, Lassie, due to Franklin's ability to understand the animal, more so to help someone in distress.
  • No formal explanation is given for the dog or its abilities, leaving players to form their own conclusions about its nature.
  • Franklin mentions in the mission that he respects gravity, a subtle nod to his predecessor Carl Johnson, who at times screams "I HATE GRAVITY!" when he falls from a great height.
  • In the storyline mission Predator, Franklin yells, "Oh, shit!" in the same way he does in this mission.

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