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Rise FM Headquarters in GTA: Liberty City Stories
Replica in Belleville Park in both GTA III and GTA: Liberty City Stories

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Not to be confused with The Planetarium, where Rise FM is hosted.

The Rise FM headquarters is the building from which the Rise FM radio station transmits, located on Newport at Staunton Island, Liberty City, in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


It is located between Claude's safehouse and Toni Cipriani's safehouse and located north of the Shopping Mall.

The building of Rise FM is based on the New York City´s Flatiron Building in the east of Newport, with a slightly different design. In both games, it is inaccessible to the player.


There is a replica in Belleville Park and another in Newport with the same design as this, giving a total of three replicas of the Flatiron Building, of which this is the only one known to be owned by something.

In real life, there is also another building in Manhattan resembling the Flatiron Building, the 1 Wall Street Court.


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