This page is about a Race in Grand Theft Auto Online. For the chili house featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, see Ring of Fire Chili House.

"From the chilli house to the bacon factory to the LS River, this lap race for cars and motorbikes beats a path around South Los Santos."
―Race description.

Ring of Fire is a race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. Up to 8 players in any vehicle class except utility race a circuit around the South Los Santos streets.


The overall counterclockwise course is fairly narrow; most of it is only two lanes wide. In addition, the combination of several sharp turns and a slick, high-speed, and curvy backstretch, along with several potential obstructions (light and telephone poles, the Los Santos Storm Drain and a ramp going to the drain, and the parking garage featured in Rooftop Rumble) can cause the player to crash, get stuck, or veer off-course, losing valuable time. In particular, the first two turns (sharp right-handed and left-handed turns respectively) can create a bottleneck of cars due to the separating fence and signals of the railroad (and the occasional Train) along with the air vents of the Los Santos Transit Light Rail's underground tunnel acting as obstructions.


Ring Of Fire GTAO Race Map.png


  • A multiple-meaning race title alluding to both the name of the chilli house (aka the burning anus suffered after eating hot spicy food) as well as the Mexican gang territory the race passes through and the potential to come under hostile enemy fire.
  • The name of this race is a reference to the Ring of Fire, a chain of active volcanoes on Earth. 
  • The name may also be a reference to the Johnny Cash song of the same name.


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