Rimm Paint is a paint manufacturing company in Grand Theft Auto V located in Strawberry, Los Santos.


They are based in a building in Strawberry, located on Power Street just beside the Olympic Freeway. The building has a large paint can serving as a sign with their company motto, "for the best finish, make it a RIMM job". They also have another motto, "Don't dip your brush in anything else", which is seen on the rear of the building. Various vertical signs of "RIMM PAINT" are found around the walls. An alleyway to the south of the building leads to the rear parking area, on the same alleyway is Benny's Original Motor Works. A red ladder on the north side provides roof access. The building is situated next to the Los Santos Meteor office and Flint's Autos.

Two smaller unmarked buildings are found west of the main Rimm Paint building. They use similar window textures and are build within the same area. It is unknown if they are part of the same complex.

Their logo consists of the word "RIMM" in the center of what appears to resemble a paint tin lid unscrewing, with 2 stars on two opposite corners.

Large trucks such as Mules can be found parked in front of the building, two along the alleyway and up to three at the rear delivery entrance. Two cars may be found parked out front and two at the rear entrance.

Grand Theft Auto Online

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"One of the little-known perks of setting up a night club in a disused paint factory is the presence of high residual levels of industrial solvent. Good atmosphere, happy patrons, all night. guaranteed."
Maze Bank Foreclosure description; Strawberry Nightclub.

It plays a major role in the enhanced version of GTA Online, where it serves as a Nightclub as part of the After Hours update. It can be purchased from Maze Bank Foreclosure for $1,525,000. The building is named "Strawberry Nightclub" and is described to be a "disused paint factory", indicating Rimm Paint no longer operates in this factory.

The business appears on the Rimm Paint livery for the Vapid Clique added as part of the Arena War update for GTA Online.



  • The name and motto are an example of Rockstar's crude humor, referring to the sexual act of rimming.

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