"Where the rich play golf and shower together in exclusive surroundings, and pay a fortune for the privilege."
―GTA San Andreas Website

The Richman Country Club is a location appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The country club compound encompasses occupies nearly an entire block in Vinewood at the western end of Vinewood Boulevard. There are shops along Mulholland Drive at the north side of the compound and the rest of the site is surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

There are three entrance points marked by large open archways constructed of brick columns and windowed wooden rooms in the style of the main clubhouse across the top of the arch. One is in the northwestern corner, on the corner of Mulholland drive opposite the Credit and Commerce Bank of San Andreas. One is on the south side, opposite InterGlobal Studios and the last one is on the east side at the end of Vinewood Boulevard, opposite the Vinewood Movie Studios. There is a wide, mosaic paved private roadway with tiled pavements on either side that links all three entry points which is commonly traversed by pedestrians.

The site comprises of a large modern three level timber colonial-style clubhouse, with open balconies on the east side overlooking four tennis courts. The main entry is on the west side. The clubhouse is inaccessible to the player.

Although the name indicates it services the needs of the residents of Richman, the club is in fact located in neighboring Vinewood. The official game website also describes the club members playing golf at the club which does not have a course.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The club makes a brief appearance in the storyline as one of the shortcuts OG Loc takes whilst being pursued by Carl Johnson and Madd Dogg during "Cut Throat Business".

The club may also appear as one of the destinations requested during the Taxi Driver side mission.


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