For the district in the Grand Theft Auto 1 rendition of San Andreas, see Richman (2D Universe). For the neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see Richman (3D Universe).

A Richman postcard.

"Not a lot happens in Richman aside from out-of-touch billionaires hiding behind high walls, too terrified to leave their mega-mansions for fear of having to interact with the common man."
GTAV digital manual

Richman is a rich, multi-billionaire neighborhood located in Los Santos, featured in Grand Theft Auto V. Richman is bordered by Vinewood Hills to the north, Los Santos Golf Club to the east, Morningwood to the south, and Pacific Bluffs to the west.



Satellite view of Richman.

Richman, like neighboring Rockford Hills, is known as being one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in all of Los Santos. It contains many large classic-style mansions and is the location of GTA V's "Playboy Mansion". Richman's name was chosen for this reason. Sports cars, high-end clothing, and the occasional limousine transporting a wealthy person are seen frequently.

Richman is mostly a residential area, which explains the lack of businesses. The residents in Richman live in fine mansions well-suited to their lifestyle. It is said that Vinewood celebrities come here for the golf course and are even living here. The Los Santos Country Club is the only golf course in the entire city, making it a popular recreation area.

Most of Richman consists of the country club. To the north and northeast, there are luxurious mansions sold by famous realtor companies like Lenny Avery. To the northwest, there is a large mansion that stands out amongst the others, based on the Playboy Mansion. People can be seen partying in the Playboy Mansion's swimming pool along with some topless women. The topless women are what attract many people.

Events of GTA V

Michael, Franklin or Trevor can drive Castro Lagano to the Los Santos Country Club after his falling out with his wife. Later, Michael, Franklin and Trevor are able to play a round of Golf with Castro.


The neighborhood is likely based on Bel Air and Holmby Hills.

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  • The name is perhaps a homage to the district of Richman of the City of San Andreas in the original Grand Theft Auto or Richman in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which was also based on Bel Air.
    • With the inclusion of Richman in the HD Universe version of San Andreas, this makes this district the only one in the series to be featured in all three universes.
  • The name is also a reference to the fact that wealthy people live in the district.
  • The name could be a play on Richmond, California, although Richmond is no where near L.A.


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