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Film production studio that has survived the test of time by offsetting its passable low-grossing movies with truly awful high-grossing movies.
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Welcome to show business. Nothing but make believe will ever feel quite real again
Solomon Richards

Richards Majestic Productions is a film studio that operates in Backlot City, Los Santos. The player can buy their stock on the website.


It has created several classic films for the Vinewood film industry, including legends such as The Shoulder of Orion II. Michael De Santa is a notable fan of Richard Majestic Productions' work, as he manages to quote several lines from the movies off the top of his head. The company was founded by David Richards in 1921 and has been owned by his son Solomon since 1978.

According to and its reviewers, the films of Richards Majestic Productions, especially those produced by Solomon, are rated poorly amongst the film industry. In fact, some of the films have been described as the "worst movies in America". This may be a reason why Richards Majestic Productions is failing and almost bankrupt as of 2013. Their latest movie, Meltdown, is full of clichés, bad acting, and terrible special effects, which may also explain why some actors attempted to leave the company.


Richards Majestic Productions appears to be based on the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, seeing as its building, the Richards Majestic, is based on the Constellation Place, formerly called the MGM Tower. The studios in Backlot City is based on the Paramount Pictures Studio.

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  1. Legible on poster texture files: Est. 1921 e.g.

    See lower right corner