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For the neighborhood/movie studio, see Backlot City.

The Richards Majestic is a skyscraper featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The building is located at the intersection of Movie Star Way and Heritage Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos, just across the street from the Weazel Plaza. It features a helipad on its roof. The building is named after Richards Majestic Productions, Solomon Richards' movie studio.


The building is Rockstar's interpretation of the Constellation Place, formerly named the MGM Tower, a 35-story, 492-foot (150 m) skyscraper in Century City, Los Angeles. The Richards Majestic, however, appears to be slightly shorter than its real life counterpart.

GTA Online

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In Grand Theft Auto Online, apartments 2, 4, and 51 are available for purchase through The apartment 2 was later included on the High Life Update, with a different interior.

  • Apartment 2, $484,000 - "Part of the High Life Update. Own a piece of glamorous old Vinewood, albeit a very small and expensive piece that's been made to look just like the other super-rich corners of Los Santos. A contemporary lateral living experience with one foot in the past. Includes a 10-car garage."
  • Apartment 4, $241,000 - "This breathtaking luxury condo on Movie Star Way in Rockford Hills is a stone's throw from Richards Majestic Movie Studios, AKAN Records and a Sperm Donor Clinic. The Ultimate trifecta of dying industries! Includes a 10-car garage."
  • Apartment 51, $253,000 - "A luxury condo on Movie Star Way in Rockford Hills? This is one of the trendiest addresses in Los Santos! Imagine if all your neighbours were hedge fund managers and celebrities? Come on, live the dream. Includes a 10-car garage."

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