Richard Bastion is a celebrity in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears in Grand Theft Auto IV.


In 2008, Richard is the host of the WKTT's right-wing call in show, The Richard Bastion Show. Bastion answers callers questions and statements throughout the show, in a format basically identical to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. Bastion briefly admits at one point in the show to overdosing on prescription pills, also mocking Limbaugh.


Bastion is a caricature of someone violently, radically right-wing, and even rallies one caller to shoot an innocent Mexican man on a subway, calling him "Al Con Queso", a "Spanish terrorist" and also blames him for illegal immigration. In his personal life, he considers himself an extremely orthodox Christian and stays mostly abstinant even though he is married. The show strongly suggests that his wife is cheating on him for this reason, and he is also suspiciously knowledgeable about transsexuals and other such topics.

It's implied that Bastion is a latent homosexual, as he takes 'Bastion's Buddy's Pledge' which is 'I will not come onto men and sodomy is a sin even if I crave it.' Bastion says that he takes that pledge every morning, after doing very stereotypically metrosexual things, such as facial scrubs and facial toner.



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