Rex's Diner is a diner in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online located just across the road from Davis Quartz in Blaine CountySan Andreas.


It is a purple and green colored restaurant, named after a large purple dinosaur eating a hotdog located to the western side of the diner. This T-Rex, which seems to be the restaurant's mascot, could be based on the real life Cabazon Dinosaurs in Southern California.

There is an ATM and an eCola vending machine at the front of the restaurant. Behind the building are some unused containers, oil tanks, and trailers. The diner is inaccessible to the player.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online

Vehicle Cargo

Detective Work photo clue.

  • Steal Vehicle Cargo "Detective Work" - The player may have to use a text message photograph of the diner to work out the location of the car. The car is parked to the north of the building.
  • Sell Vehicle Cargo "Showroom" - The player may have to deliver the vehicle to the parking lot behind the diner.



  • The dinosaur resembles the iconic Novac dinosaur from the game Fallout: New Vegas. Both dinosaurs are holding something, overlooking a major highway, and are near quarries. Both dinosaurs are based on the Cabazon Dinosaurs, although the Novac dinosaur is in Nevada.
    • The purple coloring of the dinosaur might also be a reference to Barney from the popular kids' show Barney & Friends.


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