For the mission in Grand Theft Auto V, see Reuniting the Family
"We're gonna unite The Families once more, because the Ballas have been pumpin' our guys full of base for too long while we argue among ourselves."
Sweet Johnson

Reuniting the Families is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his elder brother and Grove Street Families leader Sweet from his home at the Ganton district of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl goes to Sweet's house and finds him with their close friends Ryder and Big Smoke. Once he arrives, Sweet informs them about reuniting all the Grove Street sets once again because the Seville Boulevard and Temple Drive Families have split from the gang and the Ballas have been pushing drugs for too long. All the sets are supposed to meet at the Jefferson Motel.

The four get into Sweet's Greenwood outside and make their way to the motel. Upon arriving, Sweet goes inside the motel by himself, and after a while a LSPD Police Maverick, Buzzard 1, appears. They interrupt the meeting and a shootout begins. Big Smoke and Ryder escape in Sweet's car just before the SWAT team arrives in their Enforcers, but Carl enters the motel to rescue Sweet. He makes his way through the hotel and eventually finds Sweet. When they arrive on the roof, Buzzard 1 reappears; Carl shoots down the helicopter, and follows Sweet. Just as they reach the street, Big Smoke and Ryder come to pick them up. Ryder hands Carl an AK-47 as many police cars and bikes pursue them. Smoke drives around to escape, while Carl fends off the police, but the AK-47 eventually gets jammed and the car, after narrowly escaping a low-flying SAPD helicopter, crashes through a billboard advertising Sprunk. The four bail out of the car as it plunges onto the freeway into a Xoomer fuel tanker truck, causing a massive explosion. Believing the quartet have been killed in the explosion, the police call off the search and the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the car and drive the crew to the meeting at the motel
  • Go inside the motel and get Sweet out of there safely
  • Protect Sweet and destroy the SWAT helicopter
  • Follow Sweet
  • Protect the car from the police


The reward for completing this mission is an increase in respect. The next mission, The Green Sabre, is also unlocked.




  • No matter what weapons CJ may have in his inventory, he is automatically equipped with a Shotgun when he enters the motel. If the player has had the Combat Shotgun in their inventory before this mission, it will be replaced by the normal Shotgun.
    • Also, upon completion, the player loses all their ammo for the assault rifle regardless of which type they were using during the mission.
  • Upon the police helicopter's arrival and before entering the motel, CJ is free of police attention, which means he can explore other islands and restricted areas without any repercussions.
    • However, this can be deactivated by turning on and then turning off the "Lock Wanted Level" cheat, where it is possible to regain a wanted level. This is also the same for End of the Line.
  • In this mission, the SWAT officers use SMGs instead of Micro SMGs.
  • In this mission, the Police Maverick uses a scripted spotlight instead of the usual one. It is located in the middle instead of the front, and is narrower.
  • If the player shoots down the helicopter while the SWAT are descending, the officers will be swung about and disappear when the helicopter crashes.
  • When Carl and Sweet get in the Greenwood to escape, the radio will be tuned to Radio Los Santos and play a predetermined song.
  • The police officers who jump onto and hang from the back of the car may be a reference to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, in which a T-1000 disguised as a police officer jumps and hangs from the back of a car during a chase scene.
    • The introduction of these aforementioned motor officers is a recreation of a shot from the 1997 movie Con Air. The difference is, only the officer on the right drops a doughnut in the movie, opposed to both officers dropping a doughnut each in this mission. The shot occurs at around 1 hour, 41 minutes and 17 seconds into the movie.
  • In the motel, there are 3 GSF members that can be seen fighting with the police. If the player comes close, the member carrying an SMG will be shot in the head immediately and one of the remaining members dies soon after.
  • In the motel, there will be a SWAT officer hanging from a vent and firing at Carl. If the player crouches and stays still, the officer will not be able to hit Carl (and even if he does, his shots do little damage, as he mostly fires above Carl's head). However, if Carl walks under him, he will take more damage.
    • The SWAT officer in the vent has his MP5's muzzle flash taken from the Police Maverick, instead of its normal flash. Also, when fired, it makes the sound of the M4.
  • If the player does not follow Sweet after shooting down the police helicopter, the surrounding streets will be completely empty.
  • The time in this mission is predetermined. For example, if the player is picked up by Smoke and Ryder in the morning, it will change to night when Carl enters the car.
  • The music heard on the TV in the opening of the cutscene can also be heard in the Max Heat TV commercial in Max Payne 2.
  • If Carl aims a gun at the GSF members at the entrance to the motel, they will attack him.
  • Inside the motel, the bullets of the NPCs (SWAT Officers, Groves, and Sweet) do not damage each other, but can damage Carl.
  • If the player looks carefully, the second motor officer changes into the beta motor officer model after being killed by the Police Maverick.
  • If the player fails the mission during the part where they shoot the police during the chase, Carl will jump out of the Greenwood but the others will not.
  • This mission is similar to the actual Watts Truce in Los Angeles in 1992, which had some "sets" of the Crips, which were having issues "set tripping" just like the factions which unite in this mission, and they draft a peace treaty settling the differences around the time of the Rodney King riots.
  • Carl apparently fires the AK-47 from the Greenwood's roof, even though the Greenwood has no sunroof.
    • This can especially be seen by using the replay function on PC.
  • The police helicopter which appears near the end of the mission has a pilot who appears as a normal police officer.
  • In the PC, PS2, and Xbox versions, the SWAT officer's lines "Get some suppressing fire in there!", "Unit down, repeat, unit down! Gimme some fucking covering fire!", "This is Buzzard 1, we're taking ground fire!", and "Four bangers in blue 4door heading back into South Central.", in addition to "Surprise, homeboy!" and "Heads up, brother!" from the motorcycle cops appear in the "Brief" section of the pause menu, but subtitles don't appear in-game, even with subtitles enabled. This was fixed in the mobile version.
  • Before the Greenwood crashes through the billboard in the final cutscene, it reads 'A taste of things to come'. After that, it is left with 'A taste of _________ come', referring to 'cum' (semen). This is another example of the game's crude humor.

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