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Reputation (RP) is a feature in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is the experience point system used to level up your online character. RP is an amount used to level the player up, and is rewarded for completing certain missions, jobs, tasks and other random things like killing players, losing wanted levels, completing Daily Challenges and collecting special cars.

Tiers of Rank[]

  • A blue icon will appear aside the player's rank until level 99
  • At rank 100, a bronze icon will appear aside the player's rank until level 499
  • At rank 500, a Silver icon will appear aside the player's rank until level 749
  • At rank 750, a gold icon will appear aside the player's rank

RP for Ranks[]

Main article: Rank

Once the player reaches a certain amount, the player will level up. Leveling up will unlock new things such as weapons and car customization items. More RP is needed to level up when a higher Rank. When the player reaches level 100, the color of the Rank symbol will change from blue to orange. The last item to unlock is at Rank 120, where the player will unlock a minigun. The last ability to unlock is at rank 135, where the player can store up to 10 body armors in their inventory. The highest Rank is 8000.

RP Rewards[]

Wanted Levels[]

  • 100 RP rewarded for evading a 1 star wanted level.
  • 200 RP rewarded for evading a 2 star wanted level.
  • 300 RP rewarded for evading a 3 star wanted level.
  • 400 RP rewarded for evading a 4 star wanted level.
  • 500 RP rewarded for evading a 5 star wanted level.


  • 1000-4000 RP rewarded for completing missions (amount depends on time spent - longer spent = more RP)
  • 100-500 RP rewarded for completing races.
  • 1000-10,000 rewarded for completing longer missions like Deathmatches, Captures and Playlists.
  • 500 RP rewarded for completing a Gang Attack.
  • 50 RP rewarded for voting a job (like or dislike).


  • 25-100 RP rewarded for killing another player.
  • 100 RP + for killing a dominating player (during deathmatches or captures).
  • 250 - 4000 RP rewarded for collecting Crate Drops (5000 RP for collecting a special crate drop).
  • 25 RP for sniping NPCs during certain missions.
  • 500 RP for delivering a Import/Export car for Simeon.
  • 25 RP rewarded for flying under bridges.
  • 200 RP rewarded per five continuous minutes driving/riding/flying as driver or passenger with another player.
  • 200 RP rewarded every minute for being in close proximity (within the colored round area) of a VIP/CEO/MC President, while being an associate/bodyguard/member of his/her organization or MC.
  • 400 RP rewarded periodically when travelling in the same vehicle of your VIP/CEO/MC President.
  • 600 RP rewarded periodically when driving any vehicle and your VIP/CEO/MC President is a passenger.
  • 5000 RP rewarded for eating each peyote plant