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"Teams race around the streets where players take turns completing laps. Active drivers do the circuits while non-active drivers wait to get tagged-in in the pen."
Rockstar Games Social Club description.

Relay is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Lowriders update. It is unlocked at Rank 5.


"Much like the track event of the same name, Relay sees you and a teammate tag each other in and out of a Race, lap by lap."
— Description.

The players are divided into teams of two. One member of each team will start the Relay race. They must complete a lap of the course, and once they finish the second member takes over, doing the same lap. The winning team is the team who completes six laps the fastest (three for each member).

When not racing, the players must stay in the pen just before the starting line. Teams can be disqualified if they don't stay in the pen. All players waiting in the pen are in Passive Mode until they begin racing.

If the player begins their lap before their partner finishes theirs, it will be judged as a false start and the racing player will have to go back to the pen to start their lap again.


Assuming racing skills are equal between the teams, the changeovers will make all the difference in Relay. Once the player has completed your lap and entered the pen, reverse the car to the very back of the pen, and swivel the camera around to view the final straight of the lap. From there, simply put pedal to the metal as soon as the teammate is approaching the end of their lap. With practice, the player will be able to leave the pen at the exact moment his teammate arrives, being at full speed when doing so. Communication is imperative here - giving the teammate ample warning when approaching the end of the lap will allow them to be better prepared for the switch over. If in doubt, play it safe - if the player exits the pen too early they will have to return before they can start the lap. Just one of these penalties could be the difference between winning and losing. Finally, while waiting in between laps, switching to spectate the teammate can help the players learn the course, share tips and understand where the checkpoints around the route are.


Image Location Map
Relay-GTAO-1 Relay I takes place in El Burro Heights. Relay-GTAO-Map1
Relay-GTAO-2 Relay II takes place in the Grand Senora Desert. Relay-GTAO-Map2
Relay-GTAO-3 Relay III takes place in Rockford Hills. Relay-GTAO-Map3
Relay-GTAO-4 Relay IV takes place in Vinewood Hills. Relay-GTAO-Map4
Relay-GTAO-5 Relay V takes place at the Galileo Observatory parking lot and the surrounding area. Relay-GTAO-Map5

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