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Regular Tom is a small isolated geyser located in the heart of Bone County, San Andreas. It is featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Regular Tom sits at the base of The Big Ear, and is frequented by tourists and locals alike. Also nearby is Area 69, the Sherman Dam and Las Brujas.

It is possible to see several tourists, who will be taking pictures. The geyser is surrounded by a small fence so that people do not get too close.

The name "regular" is probably referencing the geyser's jet of superheated water, which can be seen every 30 seconds, lasting for about five seconds. Although seemingly powerful, the jet blast is incapable of physically affecting the player or others. This is the only geyser in the entire state.


Its name and likeness are a parody of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park.

Spawning Vehicles



  • In the Definitive Edition of GTA San Andreas, the geyser can only be seen shooting water from a far-away distance. Standing within the geyser's general proximity will result in it shooting no water at all.