Reed Tucker is a lisping character in the Grand Theft Auto series whose voice is heard on the Chatterbox FM radio station in Grand Theft Auto III, on WCTRs Area 53 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and on Chattersphere in Grand Theft Auto V. He is also mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV.


In 1992 he phones into the Area 53 station, hosted by Marvin Trill. He states that "the problem" is in the food and that everyone should start masticating, which Marvin confuses for masturbating.

In 2001, having re-located to Liberty City, Reed is interviewed by host Lazlow on Chatterbox FM about his new book, entitled "Karate and Digestion" along with "Now and Zen", a dojo that Reed founded in Trenton. Reed talks with a lisp on the show and is described by Lazlow as "a scrawny, pasty dude". Lazlow often mocks Reed. Reed claims that his mentor is a 430-year-old monk, and he practices his spiritual enlightenment in his parents' basement, which he calls a "center for spiritual enlightenment". He lives on a strict vegan diet, although he seems to want to eat meat.

At the end of the interview, Reed says that he will chop the desk that Lazlow is sitting at in half with his bare hands, but fails to do so, resulting in several broken fingers, and Tucker crying. Lazlow describes that the desk as "made of two inch thick composite wood pulp, and has a mahogany veneer finish. It has three drawers and, knowing this station probably cost a hundred dollars". Reed also claims that he could tear a phone book in half with his bare toes. The interview is concluded by Lazlow mocking Reed's lisp.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, Tucker is mentioned by a cab driver on Lazlow's new radio station, Integrity 2.0. The cab driver says 'Bring back that vegetarian guy! That was funny!' during an interview for the station.

In Grand Theft Auto V, he makes a brief call in appearance on Chattersphere mocking Lazlow.

In real life, Reed Tucker is the producer and DJ for the real Lazlow show and voices himself in three appearances.


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