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Yer fuckin' dead, dead, DEAD!
— Redneck

The Rednecks are a loose affiliation of rednecks found much throughout Blaine County, San Andreas. They are featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Rather than being one organized gang, they appear to be a collection of rural citizens, with some being apart of criminal factions such as the O'Neil Brothers, Larry Tupper's cronies, and several border patrol groups, among others. While little is known about Rednecks, it's apparent that they are active in the Blaine County drug trade, especially methamphetamine.

They are found in the first Rampage mission in GTA V and numerous missions in GTA Online that take place in Blaine County. They are also fought during Survival, where they are often referred to as "local meth gangs", as well as in Trevor's arms smuggling side missions, where they are described as "local dealers." There are at least two Gang Attacks in which they appear: one in a trailer park in the eastern Grand Senora Desert and another on an island off the coast of the Tataviam Mountains.

There are some rednecks that hang around the lumber mill in Paleto Forest. As the lumber mill is being used as a front for a Ballas marijuana growing operation, it is possible that these rednecks and the Ballas have some sort of working relationship. The rednecks may be the ones growing and supplying the Ballas with weed. Further evidence of a partnership between the Ballas and the rednecks is seen in the mission Hit 'Em Up by Gerald. In a series of hits on respective Ballas leaders, the rednecks and the Ballas are seen with each other, indicating that they were in the middle of some sort of business transaction, most likely involving marijuana.

Some Rednecks are involved in vigilante border patrols across Blaine County, as seen in the Border Patrol Random Events; these rednecks will mistake the player for being an illegal immigrant and attack, using unique dialogue depending on whatever character the player is using at the time. Additionally, if the player commits a crime in Sandy Shores (such as firing off a gun), a Sanchez-riding redneck can occasionally ambush the player with a Pistol, so it's possible they are involved in general vigilantism as well.


The Rednecks dress in a manner not unlike that of regular Blaine County denizens, making them tough to distinguish. Its members are exclusively white males, and consist of either thin young men or overweight aging men. Most Rednecks have tattoos and show signs of methamphetamine use.

Rednecks of all ages dress in a style that usually includes trucker caps, stained t-shirts or tank-tops, dirty/ripped jeans, and work boots. Younger members adopt a more punk-like appearance, often wearing muscle shirts or sleeveless hoodies, as well as thick-framed eyeglasses or red-tinted sunglasses. Their hair is usually either shaved or styled into buzzcuts, blond mohawks, or "wings"-style haircuts. Older members tend to dress more like traditional farmers, preferring denim overalls or work pants and suspenders.

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